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Jan 13 2020

Best Places to Work 2020

Being featured on Builtin Colorado’s 2020 list of the Best Small Companies to Work in Colorado is a rewarding way to kick off the new year. What do we think makes us one of the best companies to work for? Well let me tell ya...

Passionate People - Our Collective Strength

Time and again when I ask people why they like working at MojoTech or why they choose to stay with MojoTech, the answers almost always have to do with the people. We intentionally hire passionate people who are highly skilled at their respective crafts. These folks come from a variety of backgrounds and experience levels which makes for a rich team culture that benefits from its diversity. That’s not to say that there isn’t always room for improvement, but I’d say we’re on a positive trajectory. Also, “we don’t hire assholes,” laughs Boulder Engineering Mentor Heimir Sverrisson. I think that also makes for a pretty enjoyable place to spend my working hours. staff conversation

Variety and Stability - The Agencies Edge

At MojoTech, we reap the rewards of being an agency. By that I mean that we benefit from the variety that comes with consulting, and the stability of being full-time employees of an established organization. The consulting work continues to challenge us to stay on top of our game, not only technically, but also with our soft skills. We look to and explore the latest technologies and use our expertise to design and develop serious software for ambitious clients.

At the same time, our team comes to work knowing someone is taking care of the business development, benefits are being provided, and when their current project wraps, there is another one in the pipeline waiting for some MojoTech, well...Mojo! And in the almost 12 years that we’ve been a company (5 years in Boulder) we’re very proud to have never laid-off a single employee and plan to keep it that way as we continue to grow.

> The people and the type of work are rewarding, but we understand that you gotta pay the bills. MojoTech offers a competitive compensation package with some extra perks along the way.

Work-Life Balance - Not Just a Platitude

I’m often asked by candidates about MojoTech’s approach to work-life balance and I’m always excited to tell them that it’s not only something that is highly encouraged, but that it’s built into our business practices. As an agency, we’re able to dictate the number of hours that we dedicate to client work. Each Mojo is dedicated full-time to an individual client and are trusted to complete the necessary work and hours for their project.

Beyond the hours we dedicate to clients, we have MojoTime which we dedicate to ourselves, either individually or collectively, for the benefit of company development. This could take the form of hacking, learning a new language, collaborating on a side project, contributing to open source, and more. This time ensures our own professional development while maintaining a respect for time spent outside of the standard 40 hour week. We also spend some fun outings in Boulder, lending a hand in the community, and sharing lunches twice a week.

Additionally, our Trust-based Time Off policy gives our employees the autonomy to take time when they need it and for whatever purpose they need it for. No need to worry about accruing time, stressing over sick days, or running out of available days. On average, Mojos take 3 weeks of vacation time in addition to the 15, give or take, paid holidays we have off each year, including a week for winter break in December.

Other Benefits and Perks

  • 401(k) with company match
  • $700 toward monthly medical premiums
  • Company provided Ecopass
  • Catered lunches
  • Paid conference attendance
  • Your choice of hardware and tools
  • Dog friendly office

Want to be a Mojo? We’re Hiring!

If you’re looking for a challenging role in a collaborative environment with great benefits and culture, check out our open positions on our jobs page.

Kate Moore