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Mar 26 2021

Design Roundup

MojoTech Design Roundup week 2


UI Breakfast Ep. 209: JTBD Interviews with Alli Blum

Research is the probably single most anxiety-inducing part of a project, personally speaking. Weeks of confronting the things you know you don't know. Weeks more worrying about what questions haven't even occured to you. I'm constantly looking for new research modalities to avoid investigative ruts, so it was a pleasure to tune into this UI Breakfast episode on Jobs to be Done. Looking problems at compounding processes and actors over time, rather than just actors themselves, feels like a more holistic (and useful!) way of looking at the systems we're working within. Personas and journey maps are undoubtedly useful, but familiar enough throughout tech that they sometimes their own set of format expectations and baggage.

Time for a clean slate for curiosity.


Ethical OS Toolkit

This week, Slack announced a new feature that would allow messaging across workspaces—anyone can message anyone—without including any blocking or reporting mechanisms to guard against harassment. Once the internet pointed this out, Slack quickly quickly walked back their announcement. It’s a the latest case study on why examining the potential for harm and misuse is critical for safe and successful products. The Ethical OS Toolkit is a great resource for anticipating these unintended consequences before you send your product out into the world.


Creating Patterns With SVG Filters

Leveraging technology to algorithmically produce visuals is always inspiring to me. With just a few simple rules and a bit of randomness you can create nearly limitless variations. Whenever I dabble in this domain I'll typically reach for JavaScript, but it was really interesting to see Bence Szabó's use of SVG Filters to create generative backgrounds. Even though this method is typically not the most performant way of getting these types of visuals on a webpage it is definitely fun way to experiment.


vanilla-extract: zero-runtime stylesheets-in-typescript

I know what you're thinking; "We definitely dont need another css-in-js library". You may be right. There are plenty of battle tested solutions already out there that are a pleasure to use. Even still, people are still doing really interesting work in this space. Now why is vanilla-extract interesting to me? Because it leans heavily on CSS custom properties, and since the CSS custom properties are so powerful, you can eliminate a lot of the runtime style generation thats common in existing libraries of its kin. Zero runtime javascript, typescript integration, emphasis on "using the platform"? Sign me up.


Inspiration: Temi Coker's Instagram

It's important to stay fresh and inspired, so this week I'm giving back. I started following Temi Coker on Instagram at some point last year. I can vividly recall seeing his work appear in my main feed and being blown away. His use of vibrant colors and textures is so refreshing and unique. I really enjoy looking at process work of the artists I admire, so take a look at this one if you do too.

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