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Apr 16 2021

Design Roundup

MojoTech Design Roundup week 5


Tania Rascia's Vue Tutorial: An Overview and Walkthrough

We're primarily a React shop, but for my own side projects I'm a Vue person. Something about how it structures components and life cycle methods just makes more sense to my brain. Tania's walkthrough was my first introduction a couple of years ago, and I revisited it this week for a refresher. It's as valuable as it was then. She adds just enough detail and context to help you understand why Vue's bits and bobs work the way they do, without getting lost in the weeds of the framework's internal mechanics. She covers a huge breadth of functionality in a relatively small walkthrough project, and I always come away feeling accomplished. A delightful 101, end to end.


Bee Home by SPACE10, Bakken & Bæck, and Tanita Klein

Spring is just emerging for those of us in Providence, which means my gardening hobbyism (and our #gardening Slack channel) are coming out of hibernation. Planning for this season’s garden reminded me of this open source platform by SPACE10, which allows you to create and download designs for your own bee home. With a beautiful website by Bakken & Bæck and a wide array of templates designed by Tanita Klein, Bee Home is everything you need to invite those industrious little pollinators into your yard or garden this spring.


The Art of Typewriting

Volume is a publishing platform that continously puts out some of the most interesting and beautiful art books out there. Their recent re-release of The Art of Typewriting is one that caught my eye. This book is collection of works created with a typewriter. The collection is wide and varied and it is incredibly inspiring to see how the artists shaped their vision with what could be as such a limiting tool.



Spline is a new 3D first design tool. There are a number of other 3D tools already available like Blender and the sort, but Spline is the first one – at least the first that I've seen – that feels this simple and approachable. It is also made for the web, which lowers the barrier to entry to use 3D online. It's still in alpha version, so there may be some hiccups, but from my limited usage so far it's been really fun to use and I look forward to using it more in the future.


Building Products at Airbnb

"Snow White, storytelling, and a relentless focus on experiences"

Earlier this week I was looking for a place to take my family and I was admiring the new updates Airbnb recently shipped. You can tell they put a ton of effort into streamlining the booking process because everything feels connected and purposeful, not to mention it looks great.

In this post it talks about how Airbnb considers their product the actual guest/host experience, not their app, and that's an awesome way to look at it. They like to think of their company as being "vision-led" and express the importance of having a compelling story to use as a north star for your customer experience. With this approach, Product Managers and Designers are forced to think about the full experience and not just a product or service.

Also, if you're into a more thoughtful approach to building products make sure to check out Andy's recent post about service design.

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