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Jun 27 2019


Celebrating 5 years of MojoTech in Boulder

This November marks the 5th anniversary of MojoTech in Boulder. We recently celebrated the grand opening of our newest office space on 15th street with an open house and ribbon cutting during Boulder Startup Week. A lot has happened in the last 5 years.

Eyes on Expansion

After establishing MojoTech as a top agency in Providence, CEO Nick Kishfy was looking to expand the company’s market reach and the pipeline for potential clients and new talent.

When we think about growth, we think about quality and quantity in both dimensions at once.

Kishfy (center) during a PM meeting on a recent visit to Boulder.

With that in mind, the search began to find the perfect location. It was important that the new location be an extension of the office in Providence as well as be a desirable place to live. It was always the goal to have the offices collaborate and share a culture.

The growing tech scene and vibrant culture in cities such as Portland, OR and Austin, TX made them contenders for the short list. However Boulder, CO won out in the end.

If choosing where he got to spend his time, Boulder was certainly at the top of the list for its outdoor appeal. But the fact that Software Engineer was the most common job title in the state at the time (Census Bureau), solidified the decision all the more.

"And Boulder has come through in regards to talent pool.” The number of qualified applicants we continue to receive for open positions in Boulder reinforces MojoTech’s “quantity and quality” growth philosophy.

The People Make the Place

The Boulder team started small, with Interactive/UX Designer Chad Totaro at the helm. Working out of Galvanize coworking space, the team began building the pipeline and taking on projects for local and national clients.

“There were like 3 or 4 of us in a shared space with other startups,” recalls Engineering Mentor, Heimir Sverisson. “Docent Health was one of our first projects and I remember what a huge deal it was when they got funding and their company took off. And it was us that built the initial software that got them that funding.”

Heimir manning the grill at the company BBQ.

As the team grew, so did the need for more space. In September 2015, MojoTech Boulder moved into our own dedicated office space, still in the heart of Downtown Boulder, just blocks away from the Pearl St. Mall.

This new office provided the necessary space for collaboration and the potential for the team to grow. And it did!

What was once a team of a few engineers grew into full scale operation with roles in sales, management, and operations. The growth has allowed us to bring on team members from a variety of skill sets and experiences. We’ve partnered with CU Boulder to hire summer interns who have come back as full time apprentices, while at the same time hiring junior and senior level engineers and architects.

As we come into the homestretch of our 5th year in Boulder, the team has quadrupled in size. And that’s not counting the 4-legged companions who frequent the office on a daily basis.

We’ve since outgrown the first office on 15th St. and moved into a new space just down the road.

“The new office has made it possible to expand our community engagement,” says Managing Director, Bing Chou. We’ve come into our own, hosting local meetups and sponsoring events in partnership with organizations such as the Boulder Chamber and Ignite Boulder.

Mojos working on a spontaneous hardware repair.

The team has also come into its own. While MojoTech as a whole holds the same values and operates under the same principles, the Boulder team has discovered its own organic cadence for team building, celebrating shared interests for everything from knitting to community softball, from classic Nintendo games to the latest food fads.

I tell people we moved in at the end of January. It still has that new office smell, but people are settling and becoming comfortable in their routines and favorite places in the office to work or take a break.

Forethoughts for the Future

When thinking about the past and how far we’ve come, we can’t help but think about the future and where we want to go.

We will continue to invest in our people - pushing our limits, improving our processes, and increasing our knowledge. While there’s an intention to grow the size of the team (yes, we’re hiring), there’s a greater focus on growing the capabilities of the team.

Additionally, helping larger organizations such as Shell and Under Armour will continue to be a part of MojoTech’s growth and we balance those larger clients with a number of smaller, startup clients. Keeping a foot in both worlds provides our team with a variety of challenges and opportunities for growth.

Managing Director, Bing Chou, having just cut the ribbon at the grand opening of the new MojoTech Boulder office in May 2019.

Larger enterprise clients often have complex and interesting problems to solve, linked to the size and history of their organization. Whereas smaller, startups challenge us “to be lean and mean and keep our tools sharp.”

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Photos of Nick Kishfy, and Bing Chou courtesy of Andrew Kowalyshyn of AKPHOTO

Kate Moore