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Sep 03 2013

Paul Lanyon Joins MojoTech

I recently joined MojoTech’s Providence office as the newest Product Manager on the team. As a fresh transplant to Providence from LA I’m getting to know both a new company and new city at once.

After graduating from college with a degree in computer science, I began working in the internet marketing space, helping to develop an advertising network. While working there, I came to understand and appreciate the role of a Product Manager and found it was an ideal fit for both my skills and interests. I continued working as a PM for marketing companies in Toronto and Los Angeles for a number of years before I was on my way to Providence, R.I. with my girlfriend, who is doing her MFA at RISD.

Being a Product Manager is an extraordinary job because you have the opportunity to build. You have the opportunity to see an idea grow into something tangible. I love interacting with both our clients and my colleagues to create elegant, functional software. It’s a compelling experience.

I am really excited to have the opportunity to work at MojoTech as there is a palpable love of software development here — both the process and the product. Having the chance to work on a range of products within different verticals is an invigorating prospect and I’m looking forward to everything that comes next.

—Paul Lanyon