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Jul 14 2016

Is Datomic the Sequel to SQL?

Well, no, but it will change the way you think about data... After a career spent working almost entirely with SQL-based relational databases, in the past year or so I've gotten the chance to use Datomic. It's very different, and I

Matthew Forsyth


Mar 08 2016

How destructuring saved the Empire

As a longtime Ruby programmer who has just recently begun to focus more on Clojure, I find myself continually surprised by all the little treasures that Clojure offers. One of those treasures is Clojure's sophisticated support for destructuring - it's

Matthew Forsyth

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Jan 14 2016

When is "Code as Configuration" a good idea?

Lately, I've been working on Satellite, an open-source monitoring solution for Mesos clusters. It has become clear that Satellite needs to be easier to install and configure, and that we may need to change the very nature of its configuration

Matthew Forsyth

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