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May 31 2018

Evaluating an Agency Website

When you look at an agency’s site, what do you look for? We recently redesigned our website at MojoTech, and we spent a lot of time looking at other agency sites to help us think about how to move forward with

Nick Kishfy


Dec 06 2016

Four Ways to Ensure Your Company Is Your Best Product

A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to attend the Lean StartUp Conference. It was a great experience, and I’m glad our CEO recommended I attend (and that our company invests in this type of professional development). I’ve had

Jacob Brier


Nov 02 2016

Our Motivation for Building an Innovative Company

On paper, MojoTech's resume looks pretty impressive. Since its inception in 2008, MojoTech has launched more than 100 products by partnering with clients to deliver software that solves their most complex business problems. MojoTech was ranked the 42nd fastest growing

Courtney Fanning


Jul 17 2013

Startup Culture Is Not About Ping-Pong Tables

I was recently asked to be on a panel about “the startup culture,” and it got me thinking about this concept that gets tossed around a great deal in our community. The blogs love to write about it, unsatisfied workers yearn

Nick Kishfy