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Sep 20 2019

Carrying the Torch

At MojoTech, we have a long history of working on, contributing to, and using various Open Source software projects. A sample of early projects include Cerberus, one of the first Ruby-based Continuous Integration tools; Capybara-UI, a Capybara abstraction making it easier to define

Craig P Jolicoeur


Oct 30 2017

How Elixir's Ecto Promotes Well-Designed Applications

As consultants, our job is to provide the most value possible to our clients over the course of our engagement. As engineers, our desire is to build software that is a joy to work on. Thankfully, these goals are not

Jeff Cole


Jun 06 2017

Elixir Toolkit

It's no secret that we here at MojoTech are big advocates of Elixir. We're using it on client projects, talking about it at conferences, Elixir meetups, and we're even involved in an incredible conference this fall, Elixir with Love. We've spent

Courtney Fanning


Sep 08 2016

The Elixir way: Operational Reasoning

You are likely one of the many folks (myself included) who have recently learned to love Elixir. I initially started down the wrong road with Elixir, but I learned a valuable lesson as I corrected course. It takes some adjustment

Omid Bachari

EngineeringElixirFunctional Programming

Aug 10 2016

Safeguard Web Service Failures in Elixir with Fuse

Don't let failing APIs get you down. (Zing!) If your software depends on various services, service failures can compromise part of your application or bring your application down entirely. This simple problem gave rise to a powerful software pattern called a

Omid Bachari