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Dec 06 2016

Four Ways to Ensure Your Company Is Your Best Product

A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to attend the Lean StartUp Conference. It was a great experience, and I’m glad our CEO recommended I attend (and that our company invests in this type of professional development). I’ve had

Jacob Brier


Nov 17 2016

Conducting Technical Interviews: The Human Factors

As one of the "elder statesmen" at MojoTech, I interview a lot of engineers. Over the years, I've come to see this more and more as a discipline in itself. I've found that the craft of conversational interviews, like many inexact

Matthew Forsyth


Jan 20 2016

Why you should reconsider working for a startup

Today’s tech world is not unlike the prospecting days of the Wild West, and stories of people's behavior nearly 200 years ago still sound oddly familiar today: > “After the discovery of gold in California, which clearly showed how rich the

Nick Kishfy


Dec 07 2015

New digs in Boulder

Back in September we added some square footage to our MojoTech Boulder location. A stone’s throw away from Pearl Street in the downtown area, our new office gives us more room to grow and more space to collaborate. MojoTech Boulder office

chad totaro


Oct 27 2015

How to answer “WMYU?”

When it comes to job application forms, why do companies ask, “what makes you unique?” Should you answer in a way that relates to the position you are applying for, or give a personal anecdote that shows off your personality?

Nick Kishfy