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Jun 02 2016

The Must-See Presentations at RailsConf 2016

This year, RailsConf took us to Kansas City where we joined up with thousands of fellow Rubyists for three days of workshops and presentations. For those who were unable to attend, Tim Barmann, Micah Frost, and Eric Freese each worked


EngineeringRuby on Rails

Feb 01 2016

A Decade of Rails

Here at MojoTech, we are lucky to have several engineers who have used Ruby on Rails from very early on in its history. For me personally, the year 2016 will mark a full decade of using Rails for application development.

Craig P Jolicoeur

Ruby on RailsEngineering

Jan 14 2016

When is "Code as Configuration" a good idea?

Lately, I've been working on Satellite, an open-source monitoring solution for Mesos clusters. It has become clear that Satellite needs to be easier to install and configure, and that we may need to change the very nature of its configuration

Matthew Forsyth

EngineeringRuby on RailsCode QualityClojure

May 05 2015

Why we have routine "code challenges".

Software engineering is a craft like any other, one that requires maintaining a sharp set of tools at all times. While software engineers may not work with saws and chisels, they do work consistently with their minds and thought patterns. In

Craig P Jolicoeur

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