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Jun 27 2016

Origins of a Senior Engineer

I come from a family of mostly educators and school administrators. So I guess teaching is in my blood. But when I was choosing my school and career path, education wasn't on my short list. The big decision was between Berklee College of Music for

Joe Alba


Apr 14 2016

Multidimensional learning for success

As an Engineering Mentor at MojoTech, my primary concern is the growth of our software engineers. I want folks to be thinking about how their career can grow and how MojoTech can grow with them. Helping our engineers navigate the demands of staying

Mike McDermott


May 05 2015

Why we have routine "code challenges".

Software engineering is a craft like any other, one that requires maintaining a sharp set of tools at all times. While software engineers may not work with saws and chisels, they do work consistently with their minds and thought patterns. In an

Craig P Jolicoeur

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