May 23 2019

Opening Day

Aerial view of a baseball stadium Introduction Since one of its earliest releases, I have been a rabid fan of an indie computer game called Out of the Park Baseball (OOTP). OOTP is a video game that allows a player to manage his favorite baseball

Joe DelCioppio
Nov 14 2018

Build a simple in-memory cache in Node.js

I created a Node JS project recently that required fetching some data from an external API. A colleague suggested that I cache the API call response. I thought this suggestion was a good idea since the data did not change very often and the app ran

Timothy Barmann
Jul 10 2018

The Real Value of Cucumber

In the article, Why I Recommend Against Using Cucumber, the author Jason Swett, stipulates some problems with how he sees Cucumber being used incorrectly, and that even if used correctly, he posits that Cucumber has a “small negative value.” While

Mike McDermott
Jun 26 2018

Learning to Code: You’re Doing It Wrong

These days, it seems that almost everybody wants to learn to code — and if you believe all the boot camps and book titles that have surfaced over the past two decades, you might think it's also easy to do. It seems to me that the latest generation

Jun 15 2018

A Complete Guide to Cloud Computing Terms

Intro to Cloud-Native Terms The definition of what makes something a cloud-native application can be a little (pardon the pun) cloudy. This lack of clarity is curious given that by 2020, it is predicted that the "Cloud Shift" will affect more than

May 01 2018

Why You NEED A Product Manager: Building the Right Product vs. Building the Product Right

Product Management Venn Diagram The Product Manager is an essential player in the software development process. Yet, we often find ourselves answering a troubling question when sitting down with eager prospective clients. > "Why do I need a PM? I

Feb 27 2018

Cloud-Native Maturity Model

Introduction Running applications on the cloud is not a binary decision. You don’t just move to the cloud and call it a day. The journey to cloud-native starts with establishing business decisions that mandate that applications in your organization

Jan 04 2018

A Veterans Tutorial of Vim

vim tutorial screen Introduction Many posts aimed at new Vim users tend to just paste a large .vimrc file and then explain a few plugins to try. Very little (if any) time is devoted to explaining what all those settings in .vimrc are actually

Craig P Jolicoeur
Dec 04 2017

6 Tips For Functional Programming

I’ve been asked at least once “How can I get better at programming in a compositional style, with functions?” This question usually stems from someone trying to learn a language dedicated to functional programming and struggling to make the paradigm

Daniel Wilson
Nov 17 2017

TypeScript Generics for React Components

TypeScript provides some nice facilities for quick and easy error detection when writing React components. Writing React components in TypeScript isn’t hard, but getting the most out of higher-order components in TypeScript can be a bit tricky,

Daniel Wilson