May 01 2019

Product Over Process: Do Your Own Thing and Build Better Software

I used to be a product manager at a company that will remain nameless. Here’s how projects worked: First I would put together a project request form that contained a lengthy requirements section. After the engineering team approved this project

Steve Tiszenkel
Oct 31 2018

Goal Setting For Product Managers

Setting goals In order to accomplish anything important, you need to set multiple goals. Your goals need to be both in the big and in the small. The small goals that you set every day will help you hit the larger ones in the end. It’s often

May 01 2018

Building the Right Product vs. Building the Product Right

Product Management Venn Diagram The Product Manager is an essential player in the software development process. Yet, we often find ourselves answering a troubling question when sitting down with eager prospective clients. > "Why do I need a PM? I

May 01 2018

25 Questions To Cover In Your Discovery Kickoff

Man attempting to navigate terrain with a map At MojoTech, we care about building great products, but more importantly, we care about building the right products. And building the right product is hard. Because we can only build products based on

Shaughnessy Conley Speirs
Sep 26 2017

How to Successfully Kick Off Your Product Discovery Process

At MojoTech, we’ve had many internal discussions about the line between project and product management in a client-services product management model. But there is a product practice area that we use for almost all of our clients: Discovery

Aug 29 2017

Product Management Biases (And How to Avoid Them)

As a product manager, our job is to shepherd the client’s vision to help make it a reality, and along the way make suggestions and improvements based on our research and our own experiences. It is the latter part that can expose when we bring our

Aug 04 2017

Meet Lauren

While originally attending college to major in Biology, and then Philosophy, Lauren ultimately decided to leave school and work in the corporate world to help make up her mind as to what she wanted to do since she was clearly terrible at deciding

May 29 2017

Why Bad UX Is Causing Health Insurers to Lose Revenue

You and your marketing team spend a tremendous amount of time and energy getting people to visit your company’s website. You run ads. Publish content. Attend community events and hand out pens. Lots and lots of pens. And it works. People come to

May 02 2017

Meet Shaughnessy

Shaughnessy has lots of ideas, and all of them are great. While earning an English degree, working as a writer, and then becoming a business analyst in state government, she learned to communicate ideas in various forms: blogs, confessional poetry,

Mar 13 2017

Speaking the Product Language

Imagine for a second you’re renovating your kitchen. You’ve hired an interior designer and a contractor to build things out. They’re incredible at what they each do, but it doesn’t take long to see they can’t communicate. The kitchen eventually gets