Jul 09 2019

Practices and Tools that Make for a Good Project

What makes for a good software project, from an engineering standpoint? There are projects that are a joy to work on, and others that are a drag. The industry has accumulated enough wisdom to be able to name a few practices that can help us keep our

Jul 10 2018

The Real Value of Cucumber

In the article, Why I Recommend Against Using Cucumber, the author Jason Swett, stipulates some problems with how he sees Cucumber being used incorrectly, and that even if used correctly, he posits that Cucumber has a “small negative value.” While

Mike McDermott
Sep 16 2016

Why Your Tests are Broken and How to Fix Them

Writing and maintaining a useful test suite can be difficult. Today I’ll discuss some common causes of bad tests, and how to fix them. Messing with global state Global state is shared by all your tests. Mutating it in one test can lead to spurious

Will Farrell
Sep 02 2013

Try This Simple Hack For Testing New Features Before You Build Them

image (Photo Credit: Randomdam) > He decided to test various covers by printing them on high quality paper and placing them on existing similar sized books in the new non-fiction rack at Borders, Palo Alto. He sat with a coffee and observed,

Apr 26 2013

Make Your Continuous Integration Server STRIKE FIRST and STRIKE HARD.

If automated testing is a part of your process, you know how much it hurts when tests fail on your master branch. Every red test on master makes it more likely that further breakages will sneak in, for several reasons: If master has failures, when