May 29 2017

Why Bad UX Is Causing Health Insurers to Lose Revenue

You and your marketing team spend a tremendous amount of time and energy getting people to visit your company’s website. You run ads. Publish content. Attend community events and hand out pens. Lots and lots of pens. And it works. People come to

Jun 16 2014

We're Hiring a UX and Product Designer

MojoTech is looking for a UX & Product Designer to join our Design Team in Providence, RI. Designers are responsible for helping clients understand their products and services through the eyes of their users. And while creating experiences that

Nick Kishfy
Mar 27 2014

Beauty Is Not a Success Metric

I was listening to a discussion at a UX meetup that we recently hosted, when the topic of pop-ups to capture email opt-ins came up. “I’d never use a pop-up,” one designer proclaimed. “They’re heinous.” “Super annoying,” another agreed. “If a site

Nick Kishfy
Mar 15 2013

Modals are lazy

Client: We need feature X within the current site > You: Ok I will just make it a modal When to use a modal A modal should be used for critical blocking interactions. The New York Times does this well. Your modal has one thing going for it, it