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Aug 02 2012

Welcoming Ryan Coughlin

We’re happy to announce the latest addition to our team, Ryan Coughlin. Ryan is an incredibly talented user experience designer, and we couldn’t be more pumped to have him on our team. Ryan’s actually been working with us as a freelancer for a bit. At first he was reluctant to move to Providence, but he’s really loved the city and the vibe at our studio, so he decided to make the move. Here’s a little Q&A with Ryan so you can learn more about the man behind the pixels.

Where’d you get educated and/or what jobs led you to your new job at MojoTech?

I started off with books and online articles about HTML/CSS. Around senior year of high school I switched over to design and landed at Champlain College in Burlington, VT. One aspect that I loved about the curriculum at Champlain is on day one I jumped in to courses that were related to my major.

Before your life at MojoTech, what was the most interesting project you ever worked on?

Hmm…the most interesting project I worked on was when I was full-time as a designer during college back in VT. It was one of my first interface project and was the one project where I learned so much from start to finish. The project was for a virtual gift card service that you can easily integrate with your e-commerce system. Years later, I still look back to those little tips and tricks that I learned from that project.

Now that you’re at MojoTech, what are you most excited about?

Finally giving Sam Saccone a hard time in person! I am excited to be moving from a freelance to a team environment. Freelancing is great because you get to work with a vast array of projects, but I still get to do that at MojoTech. I’ll really like working in a team environment on fun projects.

What pantone best describes you and why?

I would have to go with Pantone 12-5206 TPX Blue Glass—or anything close to that blue/green shade. It reminds me of Maine and growing up by the water.

What do you like to do when you’re not designing products?

Anything outdoors! Fishing, camping, sailing, longboarding, or at hanging out at the beach

—Nick Kishfy

Nick Kishfy