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Jun 16 2014

We're Hiring a UX and Product Designer

MojoTech is looking for a UX & Product Designer to join our Design Team in Providence, RI.

Designers are responsible for helping clients understand their products and services through the eyes of their users. And while creating experiences that delight is important to our Designers, they also understand that viability in a business sense is also crucial. This requires that Designers be domain students themselves, and have their thumb on what’s going on in the wild.

A Designer looks at their not-so-new work and can imagine doing it better today. This is because we learn - not just know. We continuously assess and evaluate, and challenge whether our design decisions are aligned with the goals of our client partners and their users, ask how it creates value and what the nature of that value is.

A Designer knows that nothing comes for free. Every design decision has an associated cost. Is it feasible to implement? Is the timing right? Does it help us push the agenda forward effectively and efficiently? Sometimes the right decision is not to design or build anything; sometimes the right thing is to measure, evaluate and optimize something preexistent. For these reasons, our process for building the right thing requires that Designers possess both the analytical and psychological sensitivity to discern the underlying problem, and the formal and technical knowledge to execute against it. We need people that have this multi-disciplinary savvy and have enough experience to be confident in collaborating and communicating with internal collaborators and client partners alike. People with the confidence to go for it and really get at the crux of our clients’ problems. And our clients give us big problems to solve. Business problems, brand problems, informational and interaction problems, and of course interface and visual design problems.

We work with clients ranging from Fashion & Apparel brands to Music Discovery apps, Financial Institutions, Consumer Intelligence, Productivity and Geospatial software, Fortune 500 Businesses and Start-ups. And as such, Designers get a lot of different looks at a multitude of different businesses and problems. You’ll need to be equally flexible and interested in learning new things because you will have exposure to projects in every phase of product development. This means initial concepting and prototyping, creating full-featured applications, rescue missions, enhancements to existing products and services, helping client teams create digital brands, and bringing new products to market. You will be creating things people have never thought of. You will be in the vanguard of digital business.

The right person will have most of this stuff:

  • Experience in some capacity with all layers of product design: information, interaction, interface, visual and market sensitivity.
  • Ability to think through problems from concept to execution. From lowest fidelity to high polish deliverables.
  • You think of design as a craft. One that can and should be carefully honed through constant exploration and experimentation.
  • Empathy. You understand that not all users are the same and translate that into concepts that resonate with the users that matter.
  • An attention to detail that some might call obsessive. We pride ourselves on delivering greatness. You should too.
  • Outspoken problem solver. We don’t do wallflowers. Be prepared to advance an idea and defend it. (And to iterate based on feedback and criticism.)
  • Better than proficient with HTML, CSS, JavaScript (JQuery), Photoshop, Illustrator, Sketch and understanding of an efficient workflow.
  • Communicator and a collaborator. No “I” in “Team”, and all that. Lone wolfs need not apply.
  • Shipper. Ours is a fast-paced Agile environment. Fast-growing, faster-moving, open and collaborative work environment. Be ready to work quickly and fail fast.
  • Driven by outcomes. Beautiful designs are great. But did the client get the results they expected? Making sure they do is a critical component for you.

About Us:

MojoTech partners with big and soon-to-be-big companies to create products and services that grow businesses and delight users. With offices in NYC, Providence, Boston and London, we’re a globally focused agency passionate about creating web and mobile apps that win. We turn ideas into products, build full-featured applications, mentor and accelerate development teams and help our clients make smart decisions that pay off.

We offer:

  • Competitive salary
  • 100% health & dental insurance paid
  • 401(k) with match
  • Dedicated time for hacking and learning
  • Expenses paid for conference speakers and meetup adventuring
  • Small, results-driven, pragmatic team
  • Your choice of soft/hardware: machine, OS, editor, etc.
  • Your choice of liquid: cold beer, espresso and RedBull
  • Catered lunches

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