Improving outcomes in accountable care

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Enterprise innovation lab

  • Healthcare insurance
  • Ruby on Rails
  • PostgreSQL
  • Angular
  • D3

An Accountable Care Organization’s (ACO) success is tied directly to quality metrics and reducing the total cost of care for its patient population.


Central to that mission is ensuring that all health care providers in the ACO form linkages and facilitate care coordination. It is proven that with increased care coordination comes improved health outcomes, reduced costs, and a decrease in the use of acute care services. Our Fortune 50 healthcare insurer's thesis was simple: aggregating and visualizing provider referral patterns inside an ACO will empower the ACO to make positive change.


Working with healthcare data brings its own challenges. Privacy, security, and accuracy are table stakes for any health care project, but what was compelling for MojoTech was the insurer's commitment to two things: delivering real value to its customers and embracing Agile development practices. For us, these two things go hand-in-hand.

We often work with early stage companies to provide the entire technical infrastructure of that business at its outset, but as you might well imagine, the opposite is the case with a Fortune 50 leader like our insurer.


The first step to success, in this circumstance, was implementing a project management and development practice that leveraged the strengths of both the insurer and MojoTech.

Using a disciplined SCRUM approach, we were able to seamlessly integrate the efforts of our developers, the insurer’s product owners, data suppliers, third party design resources, and the insurer’s own internal developers.

the insurer's desktop app

We love working with our clients’ internal technical teams, as we are able to share our best practices, mentor developers on the latest tools and frameworks, and most importantly, ensure that the in-house transition is performed smoothly. As a software development agency, we have the luxury of constantly exploring new technologies and approaches to problem solving. But this is often not the case inside corporate tech teams with legacy products where the high cost of change often dictates compartmentalization and stifles innovation.

the insurer's mobile app on a tablet

Partnering with an agency like MojoTech is the ideal solution for a larger client like our Fortune 50 insurer: low-risk access to new skills and technologies, providing internal resources a means to grow, optimizing development cycles, and accelerating projects.


We used Ruby-on-Rails and PostgreSQL to create a flexible, robust data ingestion and transformation engine. The intuitive front-end utilizes Angular, D3, and Google Maps to craft a UI that allows non-technical users to navigate and drill through complex data and obtain simple, actionable, trackable insight. Integrated test suites (Cucumber and MiniTest) and a Jenkins CI server kept everyone honest before the deployment of new features to a Private Cloud.

“The quality of MojoTech's developers was fantastic. They were really eager and excited about the project, and they were able to offer some good suggestions to us....What we heard from our customers was that they really felt the application worked quickly. They felt that the visualizations were helpful and helped bring their data to life.”

Kristen Coletto

Director of New Concept Incubation

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