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Countr shopping experience displayed in devices

Countr is the realization of the shift in power from the retailer to the consumer. It brings to life the concept that “users” have the power to change retailing from ads and offers, to a truly personalized, context-driven delivery of goods and services. In other words, every consumer has the power to affect a retailer's offerings based on their history and interactions with that retailer.

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The founders of Countr came to MojoTech with a big goal and a serious technical challenge — to put consumers in the driver’s seat when dealing with retailers by creating an individual digital identity that represents more than just purchasing power. MojoTech worked with Countr to identify the key components that would drive adoption of the revolutionary platform:

  • Reliable, real-time product feeds from across the retail landscape
  • Elegant and intuitive product discovery experience
  • Social product evaluation; chat, share, and follow style-leaders
  • Simple, unified checkout for all brands and retailers
  • Perks and recognition for all user actions — not just purchase

“Build Countrweight when you shop, share, and help others. Use it to get more personalized perks with your favorite retailers. Be recognized for your choices and expertise.”

For MojoTech, Countr represented a unique opportunity to deploy the breadth of our services: complex product development and management (a truly scalable back-end application); integration of leading transaction processors, product data feeds, and social API’s; and design of a truly elegant user experience.

Countr screens shown on an iPad
Countr app home feed

The undertaking of such a project is also a true test of Agile development practices. With many moving parts, a broad feature set, and even some totally new user concepts to explain, the risk of “over-investing” was very high. Following a detailed Product Definition phase, Countr and MojoTech adopted a “release early and often” cadence with two-week development Sprints, weekly production deployments, and a steady flow of public releases to solicit user feedback from both private and public user groups.

Countr is well on its way to changing the e-commerce landscape forever and for the better.

“MojoTech has been the ideal partner for Countr. During the Discovery phase we were able to identify key milestones and risks, to ensure the product, our user base and Countr as a business could scale in harmony.

Throughout the development phase, MojoTech has worked hand-in-hand with our founding team and been able to break down and solve complex problems and ultimately deliver a beautiful user experience for shoppers and merchants alike.”
Manon Roux - Manon Roux, Co-Founder of Countr


Cash back, rewards points, membership levels, and the multitude of loyalty schemes have drowned the consumer in confusing noise. Changing the paradigm in retail commerce requires consumers to take back control of their digital identity, and requires merchants to customize experiences based on the individual and not the curve.

Countrweight is the change agent. Countr will recognize all of your actions: shopping, sharing, and helping. As you build a rich profile and history across retailers, your presence gains “weight”. Weight is accumulated as you enter into transactions, build unique shopping experiences, and enable customized goods, services, and deals delivered to you in real time.

Building and delivering Countrweight is a challenge our team relishes — a chance to really change the way the web works.

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