We're builders.

MojoTech started as an engineering-only firm in 2008 and it remains the foundation of who we are. Our team includes former lead engineers of successful startups as well as scientists from NASA and the U.S. Navy.


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We continually build upon this base of experience and technical expertise through intensive training and mentorship. By pairing our software engineers with exceptional designers and project managers, we’ve created Mojos; teams that transform complex business problems into elegant solutions.

Who we are.

  • Nick Kishfy

    Nick Kishfy

    Founder & CEO

    Nick has been launching start-ups, leading teams, and shipping products since the first Internet gold rush. Along the way, he’s learned that while starting is required, finishing is what matters. Finishing requires skill, focus, and passion—in a word, execution—and that’s what he’s built MojoTech to provide. He’s dedicated to the never-ending improvement of MojoTech and to helping MojoTech’s clients finish what they start.

  • Chris Shoemaker

    Chris Shoemaker

    Partner & CTO

    Chris has nearly 20 years experience in commercial and open source software engineering. In addition to providing the leadership and expertise to solve clients’ toughest technology problems, he specializes in web application scalability and database design. Chris has previously worked as a software consultant, a software architect for Internet start-ups, and for five years as a scientist for the U.S. Navy. Chris has a history of open source contributions to projects such as GnuCash, Git, Firefox, and rsync, dating back to 2004. Chris earned a B.S. in Physics and a M.S. in C.S. from WPI.

  • Duncan Shaw

    Duncan Shaw


    Duncan is MojoTech’s citizen of the world, bringing loads of software, activation, and business development experience from his time in Australia, Hong Kong, Japan, Europe, and North America. Over the past 20 years, he has guided product, campaign and brand launches for clients of all sizes in technology, CPG, entertainment, financial services and motor sport. When he is not immersed in our clients’ projects, you might find Duncan torturing himself in preparation for an Ironman triathlon, off the grid in search of whitewater in Nepal or Morocco, or sneaking into a Formula One paddock somewhere exotic.

  • Andrew Shedd

    Andrew Shedd

    Managing Director, D.C.

    At the convergence of design, technology and business, Andrew brings more than 10 years of experience in product development and design to client projects. Before joining MojoTech in 2011, Andrew operated a design studio, creating works for American Express, Anne Taylor, Conde Nast, Disney and Titleist. From working on agency media planning and video production teams, co-founding a profitable menswear business, contributing to enterprise assessment activities in private equity, and schooling at Carnegie Mellon University, Andrew now focuses on helping teams bring digital products and services to market.

  • Bing Chou

    Bing Chou

    Managing Director, Boulder

    Bing is a New England transplant who has been calling Colorado home since 2001. He's a versatile product manager with a broad range of experience including building products in online education and automotive software. He loves working with entrepreneurial people to turn their strategic visions into working products both inside and outside the office. You'll find him speaking and volunteering at a variety of technology events across Colorado and may catch him writing some code for fun in the pre-dawn hours. He has a degree in Economics and Engineering from Brown University and an MBA from Babson College.

  • Mike Davis

    Mike Davis

    Business Development Dir.

    As Business Development Director, Mike’s responsibilities include revenue growth and helping customers determine the best way to build digital products. Prior to joining MojoTech, Mike spent 18 years in the software, information, and IT industries, including serving as Commercial Director at Digital Science and President of UNICOM Technology Group. Mike holds a BA from Middlebury College and an MBA from Columbia Business School. He is an active contributor to his community and the technology industry and is an avid open water swimmer.

  • Brandyn Morelli

    Brandyn Morelli

    Agency Development Director

    Brandyn is a recent resident of Rhode Island, coming from Los Angeles where he operated a design and development agency. Brandyn brings a growth mindset to MojoTech, focusing on data driven strategies to attract new customers, create partnerships, and promote brand awareness. When he's not working he's spending time with his wife Janelle, and (fairly) new baby girl, Kennedy.

  • Craig Jolicoeur

    Craig Jolicoeur

    Engineering Director

    Craig is a talented developer that brings many years of experience to the Mojo Team. He has worked the Cambridge VC-startup scene for several web startups, creates and manages several OSS projects, and is an open source advocate. Craig always has one or two (or twelve) side projects going on which range from Ruby software, mobile software, or electronics hacking. Craig resides in Rhode Island with his wife and two children. He is a dedicated cyclist, Boston Celtics fan, and Vim user.

  • Matt Rossi

    Matt Rossi

    Design Director

    Matt got his start designing websites and t-shirts for bands (including his own) in the early 2000’s. After graduating from New England Tech, Matt has worked for many years with a wide range of corporate and small business clients in and around New England. As a designer and front-end developer, Matt has the ability to take projects from conception to completion. Now, married with young children, he enjoys spending his free time with his family and dog by the bay.

  • Jacob Brier

    Jacob Brier

    Operations Director

    Jacob brought to MojoTech a wide range of business administration and marketing communications experience, along with a thirst to apply that experience and skill to a new industry. He has been successfully quenching that thirst by streamlining our internal business operations, managing our HR processes, heckling chess opponents, karaoke’ing to Vanilla Ice, working with our strategists, and tackling other special projects. When not on the job, Jacob runs a local charity, competes in triathlons, and plays in playgrounds with his wife and son; though his son doesn’t race in the triathlons. Yet.

  • Paul Lanyon

    Paul Lanyon

    Product Manager

    Paul is an accomplished Product Manager who hails from the Great White North. After graduating with a degree in Computer Science from Queen's University in Ontario, Canada he began his product career in the internet marketing space. Paul's experiences include building a real-time ad exchange and developing ad serving algorithms for some of the internet's largest advertisers. At MojoTech he uses his experience to help clients refine and improve their product visions. When not at MojoTech you can typically find him at a local concert as he's a devoted music fan.

  • Furhana DiBiase

    Furhana DiBiase

    Product Manager

    Furhana comes to MojoTech after working for a variety of companies both large and small. She has worked at a consulting company which employs over 100,000 people worldwide, a startup company that employed six people, and a few other places in between. She is passionate about doing great work, solving challenging problems and having fun along the way. She has a degree in electrical engineering and tries to instill her passion for technology in the next generation through her role as a robotics coach/mentor and judge.

  • Shaughnessy Speirs

    Shaughnessy Speirs

    Product Manager

    Shaughnessy has many ideas, and every. Single. Last. One. Is great. While earning an English degree, working as a writer, and then becoming a business analyst, she learned to communicate her ideas (and those of others) in various forms: blogs, confessional poetry, software requirements, user stories, ill-advised tweets, PowerPoint presentations, and occasionally JavaScript. Outside of work as a professional idea-haver at MojoTech, she likes to spend time with family, cook (with science), look through telescopes, sing at weddings, compete in triathlons (the short kind), and organize potluck dinners.

  • Lauren Mullaney-Reid

    Lauren Mullaney-Reid

    Product Manager

    While originally attending college to major in Biology, and then Philosophy, Lauren ultimately decided to leave school and work in the corporate world to help make up her mind as to what she wanted to do, since she was clearly terrible at deciding without having more experience. During this time, she fell in love with technology and decided to go back to school for Software Engineering (while also working a laundry list of odd jobs such as baker’s assistant and pizza delivery driver). She became particularly interested in the requirements gathering process as a Business Analyst and then a Product Owner. She believes working with others to identify goals is one of the most exciting processes one can experience! Outside of work, Lauren enjoys reading (especially about productivity and agile processes), going out to dinner with her wife, and going to the movies.

  • Chris Jackson

    Chris Jackson

    Product Manager

    Chris has been defining and designing digital solutions for more than 15 years, which is 3 times the number of kids he has. The older darlings often remind him that in high school not only was he a marching band geek but also co-captain of the math team. He later went for a trifecta in nerdery by getting an MFA in poetry. Alas, he hasn't written a single poem since John Berryman told him he had no inner resources. After grad school, Chris found his inner resources at the intersection of design, strategy, and systems-thinking.

  • Neal Shoemaker

    Neal Shoemaker

    Quality Manager

    Neal started his foray into quality analysis in 2007 and has since gained experience in organizing test plans, regression testing, finding and reporting bugs, automating test sequences, and interacting with applications in an unconventional manner.

  • Courtney Fanning

    Courtney Fanning

    Marketing Manager

    Courtney earned an M.S. in Print & Digital Media from NYU. She went on to work as a digital marketer for several major publishing companies where she managed campaign and audience development strategies for numerous high profile authors and brands. She enjoys running, hiking, and developing her photography skills in far away lands, like Africa and Seattle.

  • Mike McDermott

    Mike McDermott

    Engineering Mentor

    Mike is a Georgetown graduate and a recovering English major. He has been programming in Ruby since 2006, and his technical background includes the design and implementation of identity management, financial, and human resource systems in the higher education sector. His non-technical background includes undercover researcher, caddy, and being a mascot for a tennis tournament. While a Rhode Island resident, he hails from New Jersey, has met the Boss, and enjoys the shore. With three children, he has no free time, but if he did, he would learn a flavor of Lisp, play basketball, and possibly sleep.

  • Heimir Sverrisson

    Heimir Sverrisson

    Engineering Mentor

    Heimir has worked in various technology fields, including architecture design for highly distributed systems, higher education, and database systems for financial, transportation and telecommunications companies. Heimir is so interested in distributed systems that even his children are spread out over nine time zones. In his free time he is building a small autonomous robot using Raspberry Pi and Arduino and is currently training it to understand spoken commands, in Icelandic. He also enjoys the outdoor life in Boulder and biking to work.

  • Kate Cortland

    Kate Cortland

    Operations Administrator

    With a passion for organization and a flare for wearing multiple hats, Kate comes to MojoTech with over 10 years of administrative and support experience. With a BFA in sculpture from Massachusetts College of Art & Design, her creative problem solving side has come in handy when faced with a variety of challenges. When she's not lending a hand or keeping ducks in a row you'll find Kate planning her family's next hand-crafted Halloween costumes, or adventuring in the wild with her young son.

  • Matt Forsyth

    Matt Forsyth


    Matt has been working as a Software Engineer and Internet entrepreneur since 1999. Half a lifetime ago, Matt earned a B.A. in Software Engineering from Boston University. Since then, Matt’s accomplishments include working as Lead Software Architect for Rentometer and for Globe Wireless, contributing to the Apache Jetspeed project, and founding a startup that won the “Best of the Web” award from Forbes Magazine. Now, he helps MojoTech’s clients to make their ideas even better and guides much of the development that powers MojoTech’s projects.

  • David Leal

    David Leal


    David enjoys spending time with his family, writing software, studying and thinking about all angles of software development. He is a big Calvin & Hobbes fan, and like Calvin, seems to have a knack for forgetting everything but the most useless stuff. David lives by the maxim, “do what you love and you won’t have to work a single day of your life.” He is happy to report that during his time at MojoTech, he has had to work very little.

  • David Dufresne

    David Dufresne


    David Dufresne is a fresh graduate from Brown University’s Masters program. While there, he pursued his eclectic interests in mobile development, vision, graphics, and animation. David spends his free time with creative writing, 3D modeling, and practicing the theremin.

  • Ivan Manolov

    Ivan Manolov


    Ivan graduated with a degree in Mechanical Engineering and is happy to report that he has yet to work a day in his professional life as an engineer, although his analytical left brain and dizzying formal design savvy have surely benefited from such. Ivan draws from a diverse background spanning content creation, icon design and illustration, to interface and campaign design. When not cooking up award-winning brand identities, Ivan spends his personal time crafting and publishing fonts, and writing calligraphy.

  • “Mojos know how to solve engineering problems, but we are trained rigorously to have judgment, to deliver real value and to understand our client's business.”

    Omid Bachari, Developer, Providence, MojoTech

    Omid Bachari


  • Daniel Wilson-Thomas

    Daniel Wilson-Thomas


    Daniel graduated from Syracuse University in 2013 with a degree in Computer Science. He has a passion for functional programming in the Haskell language, and tries to bring those ideas to everything he does. In his free time he enjoys pushing the limits of games with complicated systems. Notably this includes collectible card games, such as Magic and Netrunner.

  • Chris Eldridge

    Chris Eldridge


    Between windsurfing and crafting furniture out of reclaimed driftwood, Chris taught himself Android java and gained experience developing mobile apps. With a background in chemical engineering and nearly a decade working on projects for NASA and the Navy, he is now responsible for ensuring MojoTech is well protected against maritime and alien attacks.

  • Carlos Gomes

    Carlos Gomes


    Carlos initially joined MojoTech as our first full-fledged intern, while he was earning a BS in Computer Science at the University of RI. It was such a great fit that we all decided his time at MojoTech shouldn't end when his internship did, and he joined the team full time. His constant curiosity about how and why things work is evident in the way he approaches and solves difficult problems. When he’s not working on MojoTech projects, Carlos is likely to be playing basketball or football (feet, not hands) and dreaming about places where the weather is warm and the water is blue.

  • Jeff Lupinski

    Jeff Lupinski


    Jeff loves to design things that appear on screens, and building things with a variety of front end technologies. After graduating with a degree in Graphic Design with a concentration in Web Technologies, he began working with startups and design agencies. Jeff grew up on the Jersey Shore, and spends his free time going to concerts, brewing beer, and poorly playing golf.

  • Seth Krasnianski

    Seth Krasnianski


    While not hiking rain forests and traversing foreign terrain, Seth managed to gain a degree in Software Engineering. He loves all things JavaScript and can be occasionally spotted lounging with an exciting C++ book. He has a passion for architecting web applications and developing them into a fun and intuitive experience. Although technology is riveting, Seth finds joy in traveling the world in search of great nature and spending time with his awesome family.

  • Zach Gibb

    Zach Gibb


    Drawn to puzzles since youth, it was inevitable that Zach would fall into software development. In love with learning new technologies and fascinated by how things work, he applies those passions into building great web applications. If you can't find Zach in front of his computer you might find him acting on the stage or curled up with a good book.

  • Adam Robinson

    Adam Robinson


    Adam is a born problem solver who loves finding creative solutions in difficult situations. This passion is a natural fit with his favorite pastime: gaming. Adam's love of video games led him to NEIT, where he quickly switched from game development to software engineering, realizing that he would rather be playing games than designing them. He is pumped to be one of the latest additions to the MojoTech team. In addition to problem solving, his skills include active listening, playing guitar and growing an epic beard. He's happiest when spending time with his amazing family, but sipping bourbon while slaying dragons is a close second.

  • Dylan Kirby

    Dylan Kirby


    Dylan initially joined MojoTech as one of our first summer interns, while working towards a degree in Computer Science from Worcester Polytechnic Institute. Part of his studies included developing software applications in Venice, Italy and Silicon Valley. Following graduation, he returned to his home state of Rhode Island to join our team full time. While AFK, Dylan enjoys hitting the tennis court, going fishing, and cooking a mean burger.

  • Rob Kaminsky

    Rob Kaminsky


    Rob has a B.A. in History from Bridgewater State and a degree in Software Engineering from New England Tech. He thinks “convention over configuration” is a beautiful thing and it’s why he’s drawn to Ruby on Rails. In his free time Rob enjoys woodworking, cooking a mean rack of dry rub ribs, and home brewing.

  • Cathy Zoller

    Cathy Zoller


    Cathy enjoys solving problems for people. Once upon a time she worked at Harley Davidson, helping to solve engineering issues on the assembly line. Then she began solving problems by writing software and has never looked back. When she’s not designing software at MojoTech she enjoys traveling and meeting people all around the world.

  • Tim Barmann

    Tim Barmann


    Tim has a B.S. degree in photojournalism from Kent State University in Ohio, where he grew up outside of Cleveland. He built one of the first online calendar applications for fun and turned the endeavor into a commercial product. He has worked at The Providence Journal as a staff photographer, technology columnist, energy and utilities writer, and most recently as a developer on the Journal's website. Tim enjoys learning to sail his small boat in Narragansett Bay, taking pictures with a camera attached to a kite, and keeping an 18-year-old Camry running with the help of Youtube videos. He and his wife live in Rhode Island with their two awesome sons.

  • Eric Freese

    Eric Freese


    Eric grew up along the Colorado front range and now lives in Boulder with his girlfriend and their two dogs. He enjoys solving technical problems with elegant solutions and writing code that's both efficient and maintainable. When away from his computer, you'll find him somewhere in the mountains hiking, camping, or climbing.

  • Micah Frost

    Micah Frost


    Though raised on a farm in upstate New York, Micah found his calling in software craftsmanship. He left the east coast for the foothills of the Rocky Mountains where he spends his free time riding, running, and climbing. He loves using Ruby and JavaScript to make the web come alive.

  • Omid Bachari

    Omid Bachari


    Omid spent years earning graduate degrees in law and philosophy before discovering that it was all a huge mistake. Software was his real calling. Graduating from Launch Academy in 2014, his technical interests are in data modeling, app architecture, Rails best practices, and testing. Non-technically, he loves to run, to spend time with his wife and two children, and to play with Legos.

  • Jesse Hoyos

    Jesse Hoyos


    Jesse knew he was going to be some type of designer early on in life, when he used to draw comics for fun. He eventually obtained a degree in Graphic Design and still draws comics from time to time, but now with better typography. Jesse has had the pleasure of working with various companies in all facets of design, from identity design to marketing campaigns. Outside of work he enjoys playing hoops, he has a respectable jumper, a solid low post game, and welcomes all challengers.

  • Halsey Vandenberg

    Halsey Vandenberg


    Halsey hails from just outside New York City. He graduated from WPI with a BS in Chemical Engineering and a minor in Computer Science but ultimately decided that CS was his true calling. When he's not developing web and mobile apps or doing UX/UI design, he practices a variation of mixed martial arts called REaCT (invented by his coach). Some of his other interests include photography, traveling, being outdoors, writing and recording music, and finding new and exotic types of coffee.

  • Ryan Foster

    Ryan Foster


    As a child, Ryan was curious to a fault and often had to be warned not to take things apart. He decided to study Computer Science after realizing he was unofficially tutoring half of his dorm floor. A competitive runner in college, Ryan continues to remain active by enjoying Boulder’s hiking and biking scene. He also likes things that fly, like his pet cockatiel and hobby aircrafts.

  • Joe Alba

    Joe Alba


    Joe strives to improve the technology that people use in their daily lives by making it so reliable and intuitive that it doesn't feel like "technology" anymore. Before MojoTech, Joe spearheaded the development for RI.gov for more than a decade and was a part of many complex integration and automation projects. Prior to that, he spent close to half a decade at the Providence Journal. Most of Joe's family are educators, so he can't escape the desire to teach and help others. He is the organizer for the Rhode Island Ruby User Group and has served as an instructor for RampUp. Away from the computer, he is an adept guitar player and loves cooking for family and friends. Seriously, try his guacamole.

  • Andy Davies

    Andy Davies


    Andy Davies is a designer from Providence, but got his start in San Francisco, where he built a lot of websites for startups before moving into building systems and identities for foundations and open-source movements. In his free time he enjoys drawing black metal album covers, trail running, and judging other people’s taste in beer.

  • Elias Mulhall

    Elias Mulhall


    Elias obtained his CS degree from Grinnell College, a tiny little school in Iowa. He initially intended on majoring in physics, but realized that he didn’t find physics jokes funny. In contrast, he took to programmer humor immediately. Elias is passionate about programming language design and theory, and wants to explore how engineers can better use programming language concepts to build excellent software. When he isn’t endlessly tweaking linux configs, Elias enjoys sweaters, long books, and board games with friends.

  • Jeff Cole

    Jeff Cole


    Jeff has been lucky enough to provide solutions to problems in the healthcare, e-commerce, non-profit, and shipping industries. He cares deeply about both quality and pragmatism, but mostly people. A year-round bicycle commuter, he has braved 80 blocks one-way through Manhattan, as well as Colorado winters. He thinks New York pizza is best, but will eat any kind.

  • Vivian Ha

    Vivian Ha


    Having lived most of her life in Minnesota and Texas, Vivian is excited about experiencing the four seasons in Boulder. She brings with her to MojoTech a pair of degrees from Trinity University; a BA in Philosophy and a BS in Computer Science. In addition to building great software, Vivian enjoys cooking, gaming (board and video), skiing and volunteering.

  • Gerald Lewis

    Gerald Lewis


    Gerald spent a decade in NYC building microsites for all the brands you know the jingles for, then four years in PVD working on his startup. He loves all things ECMAScript and learned its ins and outs by contributing to CoffeeScript. When he can’t sleep, he asks Siri to read specifications to him. Gerald lives in Rhode Island with his wife and two children, all thanks to Harry Potter.

  • Jordan Grant

    Jordan Grant


    After getting his degree in Biology from Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo, Jordan worked as a researcher at Boston Children's Hospital. Along the way, he discovered he preferred crafting software tools to simplify his work than actually performing research tasks. Jordan then worked towards a CS degree through Oregon State University. When he isn't programming, Jordan enjoys gaming, climbing rocks, and hitting the slopes.

  • Will Cohen

    Will Cohen


    Will graduated from UMASS Boston with a BS in Computer Science and has a background in building software for healthcare organizations. By day, he works as a mild-mannered software developer focusing on Android, PC, web applications and games. By night, Will enjoys improv karaoke and telling jokes with friends.

  • Jim Archer

    Jim Archer


    After graduating from URI with a BA in Psychology, Jim quickly discovered that writing computer software was a much better fit, and has been doing that for over 20 years. Recently, he amassed a vast collection of single board computers and even designed one. When he's not tinkering with a new language or the latest gadget, he can be found sailboat racing or mountain biking.

  • Winston


    Chief Enthusiasm Officer

    Having worked his way up from the mean streets of the East Providence SPCA, Winston has been jumping and lap-napping at MojoTech for almost three years. He gets very nervous when Matthew Forsyth isn’t around and hates fire drills. He is happiest when being chased by a larger mammal.

  • Emma


    Chief Napping Officer

    After graduating from Trim Time Obedience School in 2005, Emma moved to Rhode Island to begin her career in the tech industry. For several years, Emma has provided comic relief and snuggles at the fast-paced and high-tech Mojo office (when not performing her primary job responsibilities, that is). Notwithstanding her tech background, Emma’s mousing and typing skills leave something to be desired, so please excuse her delayed responses to electronic communications. In her free time (let’s be honest: it’s all free time), Emma enjoys swimming, hiking, snoozing, and frisbee-catching.