Cloud Migration & Application Modernization Services

MojoTech focuses on helping organizations leverage the power of cloud-native architectures and modern technologies to break down departmental silos and other barriers to innovation, enabling your business to evolve faster, scale more effortlessly, and unlock value.

Transforming Legacy Applications & Infrastructures

We know companies can’t change overnight. That’s why we work towards expeditious wins, partnering with organizations to gradually break away from the traditional model of building monolithic applications and on-premise infrastructures.

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Identifying Strategic Change Areas

Our team works with you to assess how legacy applications impact your overarching company vision. Once strategic areas for improvement are determined, we identify specific use cases where updating to modern technologies will drive successful business outcomes.

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Capitalizing Quickly on Opportunity

MojoTech establishes a transformation roadmap that focuses on reaping benefits early on as progress is made toward long-term goals. It maximizes the overall effectiveness of modernization by prioritizing relatively simple, low-risk projects that garner results.

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Introducing Efficient Workflows

As modern technologies are woven deeper into your technical fabric, we help define change management protocols that introduce new, more efficient workflows within different departments, maintaining business continuity as the transformation unfolds.

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Sustaining a Tech-Forward Business

Our migration and modernization services ensure that every new initiative iterates on the previous one, keeping the momentum to transform as revenue grows. As we continue to build out your core business capabilities, we help departments change their operating model to leverage new technologies. 


MojoTech’s Cloud & Modernization Expertise

Application Modernization & Innovation

MojoTech strategically replaces outdated systems with more modern, secure, and future-proof technologies that drastically improve efficiency and agility. Additionally, we utilize a user-centric approach to updating the interface of your application to make it more user-friendly and modern.

Cloud Migration & Re-architecting

Our developers focus on migrating applications and re-architecting infrastructures that leverage cloud environments to deploy faster, scale easier, and fail less frequently. Our team develops applications independently of any underlying architecture to benefit from scalable cloud-native architectures, including Microservices, Containers, Dynamic Orchestration, and Continuous Delivery.

MojoTech’s developers and designers work together in the process of building better software.MojoTech’s developers and designers work together in the process of building better software.

Data & Analytics Modernization

Our team seamlessly migrates data from legacy systems maintaining data integrity and reengineering your business processes to take full advantage of newer tools and platforms. We optimize analytics platforms to integrate, ingest, and transform critical data from all aspects of your organization and synergize it with artificial Intelligence and machine learning algorithms.

Digital Transformation

Using emerging technology to automate manual tasks and processes, we implement end-to-end digital transformation solutions that free time for more value-added activities. Additionally, we seamlessly integrate and optimize data flow within an organization by ensuring core business software and all mission-critical systems are not siloed and harmoniously talk to each other.

Unlock Value with Application Modernization

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Accelerate Delivery of Features

Our developers modernize the tools, techniques, and methodologies to speed up and improve your product development processes enabling your teams to ship software faster. 

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Increased Productivity

We transform software and digital tools to enhance collaboration and communication within your company by breaking down barriers and unblocking silos.

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Improved Business Agility

MojoTech updates digital technologies to streamline and automate various business processes throughout operations, sales, marketing, HR, finance, and other departments.

User-centric design.

Better User Experiences

Our team enhances tools to boost how your company interacts with and serves your customers and users with modern user interfaces, dynamic data, and engaging digital experiences.


MojoTech Transforms Client’s Ability to Engage with Customers Online

Digital Transformation Case Study


Improvement in customer satisfaction


Increase in internal productivity


Codebase for web and mobile sites

Client’s enterprise software transforms due to custom software development services.

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