Exceptional software & app development.

Since 2008, MojoTech has helped companies tackle more than 150 business challenges with our proven process, thoughtful design and serious engineering. Our breadth of expertise will get you where you want to go—we can help you:

Define your strategy.

Being “agile” is not an excuse to take shortcuts. Discovery is a key part of any successful software project – helping to mitigate technical risk, validate user goals and prioritize feature development.

VC raised by Docent Health
Seed funding raised by DTour
MojoTech interface design for Docent

Enabling health systems to deliver meaningful experiences.

Learn how we helped define Docent’s strategy

Launch your product.

Ship early and often. Working in two week sprints, inspired by user-centric lean methods, we will get you to market quickly, with real users and a quality solution.

Beta signups for Groove
<5 Months
To launch Dockwa's web and iOS apps
MojoTech UI design for client Countr

Putting power back into the hands of consumers.

Learn how we launched Countr

Accelerate your development.

When it’s time to “hit the gas”, grab an emerging opportunity, or deliver that killer feature, we are ready to augment your in-house team. Our crew of 50 Mojos has experience working side-by-side client teams of all sizes.

Teespring product launches per year
Monthly site visitors
Web application design and coding for Teespring

Teespring grew to 10 million monthly site visitors.

Learn how we helped manage their growth

Innovate and grow.

Technology doesn’t stand still. If it’s time to bring a legacy process forward in time, roll out a native mobile app, or tackle a UX problem that lies beyond the current strengths of your organization, MojoTech is well equipped to bring point solutions to bear.

BCBS of RI conversion rate increase
Autoraptor's growth rate increase
Web application design for Blue Cross Blue Shield of Rhode Island

Introducing a new way to shop for healthcare

Learn how we reimagined their user experience

Other successful clients.

DTour raised $1.2 million in seed funding

SquadLocker partnered with Sports Illustrated and CBS

Groove acquired 1,000 beta signups in the first month

Dockwa signed up 175 marinas in under 4 months

United Way helped 50,000 parents find affordable childcare

Lanyon increased throughput on new account signups by 85%

ETS experienced a 405% increase in time spent in their application

Risk I/O saved 3.8 million man-hours every day