UI/UX Design Services

Beautiful is just the beginning. MojoTech’s user-centric, data-backed process delivers intuitive user interfaces and innovative digital experiences that solve critical business challenges.

Drive Adoption

Increase user satisfaction with an easy-to-use interface streamlining navigation, leading to an enjoyable user experience and increased return usage.

Boost Engagement

Maximize user interactions and unlock value by strategically analyzing and optimizing your product’s ability to attract, retain, and engage users.

Increase Conversions

Optimize user journeys and experiences to align with your business objectives and effectively guide users toward conversions or transactions.

Streamline Workflows

Improve productivity and efficiency with simplified, well-designed interfaces that streamline complex digital processes or make features more accessible.

MojoTech UI/UX designers hard at work in the providence office.

UI/UX Design & Development

Our designers collaborate with engineers, product managers, and your software stakeholders from ideation to implementation. We take on multiple roles, such as investigator, researcher, architect, translator, and builder, to enhance the product interface from three perspectives: human, technology, and business. We aim to achieve the ideal user experience by finding the intersection of desirability, feasibility, and viability.

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UI/UX/CX & Internationalization

Visual & Interaction Design, Wireframing, Style Guides, Accessibility

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Rapid Prototyping

Interactive Prototypes, Figma, Front-end Development

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Workflow Design

Optimized User Experiences, Key Interactions, Information Architecture

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Data Visualization

Custom Charts, Interactive Visualizations, Dashboards

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Data-Driven UI/UX Design Approach

User Analysis & Discovery

MojoTech focuses on in-depth research and story mapping to help analyze user behavior and preferences, identify their needs, and ultimately create engaging products that meet their expectations. Leveraging this intensive research technique, we can avoid costly errors and ensure that your product provides the best possible user experience.

Prototyping & Wireframes

Our team combines user research and your product vision to create tangible, immersive prototypes for iterative refinement. Our high-fidelity and fully interactive prototypes showcase your application’s behavior and workflow, providing a firsthand glimpse of how your users will navigate and engage with your product.

GUI & Front-end Development

We use contemporary languages and libraries to create visually appealing and functional interfaces that work seamlessly with your back end. We specialize in various front-end technologies, including React, React Native, Vue.js, Next.js, AngularJS, and many others, to achieve scalable user interfaces on any web, mobile, or desktop platform.

Our UI/UX Design Principles

We leverage valuable insights from years of experience shipping hundreds of projects to craft intelligent designs and unique experiences.

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Effective design stems from a deep comprehension of a product’s purpose. We pinpoint opportunities and user pain points to provide tailored solutions for your audience.

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Usability leads to better business outcomes. Our team dives deep into the complexities of your application to simplify workflows, sparing your users the frustration.

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We maximize your product’s reach on vital digital channels by ensuring an optimal appearance and seamless functionality, regardless of platform or device.

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Brand Consistency

At the heart of every brand is a distinctive identity that we use to create engaging and memorable digital experiences reflecting your unique values and personalities.

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We prioritize speed to enhance user experiences, ensuring optimal product performance and adherence to Core Web Vitals standards for SEO-friendliness.

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The core of our approach is a commitment to accessibility, ensuring your product is flexible and available to users by drawing on industry best practices and WCAG standards.

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Culturally adapted products for international users drive global engagement. We localize your interface for seamless experiences across multiple cultures and languages.


Simplifying Choice & Purchase Decisions Increased Blue Cross Blue Shield’s Conversions

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Increase in individual plan conversion


Increase in Medicare plan conversion


Increase in cross-sell

BCBSRI Mobile App UI

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