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Beautiful is just the beginning. We take products from inception to launch.

Designers at MojoTech assume many roles: investigator, researcher, architect, translator, advocate, and builder. Our designers don’t “throw work over the fence” to the engineering team. They work side-by-side with engineers, PMs and our clients from ideation to implementation.

We perceive value through three lenses: human factors, technology, and business. These lenses correspond to three different focal points: desirability, feasibility, and viability. Identifying the intersection of these focal points is how we ensure a successful outcome for our clients.

Design flow venn diagram

The collective experiences of our team means that we’ve gathered the types of insights that can only be accrued by shipping hundreds of successful projects. We use these insights to create smart, intuitive, user-centric designs to help our clients solve their hardest problems.

designers at work

Our design beliefs

Quality requires context

It is our job to learn what quality means to our users and collaborators, build consensus, and be mindful when our yardstick changes.

Design with intent

Good design is guided by understanding and purpose. Good design provides answers, and it is our job to ascertain the high-value questions and who they concern.

Rapid decision making

Time is valuable and the market moves quickly. Waiting for all the information can be costly. As designers, our instincts are our greatest instrument. We combine those instincts with an iterative approach to make decisions quickly, yet intelligently, with less information.

Productivity welcomes disagreement

Debate necessitates inspection, evaluation, and communication. The design process hinges on diverse perspectives. We invite the instigator and fight for every good idea, but most importantly, we recognize when we’re wrong.

Remove ego

Being real is always more valuable than being right. Visionary thinking inspires, but relying on vision absent observation and data collection is more often selfish. We design with your users, not apart from them.

three equidistant photos of MojoTech staff. The first is of Allison programming on a laptop. The second of Chris and Seth reviewing code. The thrid of of Mojos on a ski lift.