Healthcare Software Development Company

MojoTech provides healthcare software development services to create custom HIPAA-compliant solutions that increase patient outcomes throughout the entire continuum of care.

Healthcare insurance UI design and development simplifying plan discovery.
Healthcare mobile app development for the Chewsi interface.

Product Development & Design

Drive positive change and achieve remarkable healthcare outcomes with innovative products and tailored user experiences that enhance patient care, streamline operations, and boost efficiency.

Integrations & Interoperability

Seamlessly integrate to EHRs like EPIC & Cerner or gain interoperability with third-party healthcare systems using HL7, FHIR, and DICOM to ensure smooth workflows, data continuity, and HIPAA compliance. 

Healthcare Data & Analytics

Uncover valuable insights for improved patient care and operational efficiency by gathering, processing, and analyzing data to identify trends, patterns, and correlations.

Digital Adoption & Modernization

Harness the potential of cloud-native architectures and cutting-edge technologies to improve care coordination, promote positive patient outcomes, and optimize resource utilization.

Custom Healthcare Software Solutions

We partner with leading health information technology providers and healthcare organizations to develop custom solutions that expand access to care, engage larger patient populations, personalize treatments, reduce healthcare costs, streamline clinical workflows, and enhance security.

Patient Engagement & Experience

Patient Portals, Telemedicine, Remote Patient Monitoring, IoMT

Precision Care & Decisioning

AI, Machine Learning, Predictive & Prescriptive Analytics, CDSS

Clinical Automation & Workflows

ChatGPT, ICD-10, CPOE, Natural Language Processing, RPA, eRx

Data Security, Privacy & Compliance

HIPAA, Blockchain, HIE, HITECH, HL7, FHIR, EDI, ISO 27001

Healthcare Software Development Experience

Electronic Health Records (EHR / EMR)

Our healthcare experts unlock the power of digital records, seamlessly integrating tailored solutions with existing systems to streamline patient care, improve accuracy, and enhance the overall management of patient health information across healthcare organizations.

Telemedicine & Virtual Care

MojoTech creates custom telemedicine solutions that enable virtual care delivery by offering advanced video-conferencing, secure store and forward, robust authentication, chatbots, e-prescriptions, HIPAA-compliant security, and insightful analytic tools.

mHealth & Wearable Devices

We develop software for mobile health monitoring and wearable devices that track vitals, physical activity, and overall health status using fitness trackers or advanced medical hardware for remote patient monitoring, early detection of health issues, and personalized health management.

Hospital & Lab Information Systems

MojoTech programs and implements advanced HIS and LIMS to manage and optimize essential workflows, including patient medical records, billing, and inventory management for supplies, equipment, and samples, to create an effective architecture for delivering value-based care.

RCM & Practice Management

Empowerment of healthcare organizations with cutting-edge solutions tailored to healthcare providers’ specialties designed to revolutionize workflows, enhance efficiency, and maximize the effectiveness of financial, administrative, and clinical operations.

Medical Imaging and Diagnostics

We engineer robust PACS image acquisition and storage modules, advanced image viewing and manipulation tools, secure data transfer and sharing functionalities, and seamless integration with existing healthcare systems and workflows, ensuring compliance with DICOM.

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