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We aid payment service providers, fintechs, and banks with a comprehensive product accelerator that demystifies, orchestrates, and drives payments strategies throughout the product lifecycle by fostering innovation, market relevance, and customer satisfaction.

Mobile and desktop interfaces of MojoTech's fintech consulting and development engagements.

Payments Consulting Services

Payments Strategy & Roadmap

Our experts help develop new business models, products, and growth strategies through market entry and pricing research, M&A assessments, vendor/API selection, and more.

Transaction Routing Optimization

MojoTech helps you significantly cut transaction costs and boost financial performance by ensuring efficient routing and cost-effective payment processing.

Interchange & Fee Audit

Our auditors identify pricing gaps and uncover cost-saving opportunities, ensuring you pay the lowest possible processing rates while securing retroactive credits.

Rapid Product Prototyping

MojoTech builds POCs to validate ideas and simulate the financial settlement of interoperable payment solutions, ensuring the viability of your product for further development.

Scaling & Modernization

We refine legacy products by swiftly resolving technical issues at the core to achieve future-ready payment infrastructures that facilitate growth and agility.

Our Payments Consulting Process

MojoTech transforms concepts into finely tuned payment platforms fueled by user and market insights and delivered by a high-performing product management and engineering team.

MojoTech's fintech consulting and development process diagram.

Our Payments Development Expertise

MojoTech engineers state-of-the-art payments software that simplifies payroll, expedites money transfers, and streamlines transactions by orchestrating payment infrastructures.

Payment Processing

We develop robust payments and transaction processing systems that facilitate secure and efficient financial exchanges, supporting various payment methods, currencies, crypto, and integrations with payment gateways and financial networks.

Payment Gateways

Our payments experts seamlessly integrate leading payment platforms like Stripe into your product to enable direct and secure transactions. We also create custom payment gateways or augment existing ones with additional features, ensuring enhanced flexibility and functionality.

POS & Shopping Carts

MojoTech builds robust point-of-sale systems and shopping carts that facilitate secure and efficient transactions and seamlessly integrate with inventory management, CRMs, and loyalty platforms to make processing payments a key point in the customer experience continuum.

Digital Wallets

We create sophisticated mobile wallets that handle a range of digital assets, including debit, credit, prepaid, loyalty cards, cryptocurrencies, and direct bank account access that facilitate versatile payment options such as NFC, QR, and P2P transactions.

Fraud Detection

MojoTech’s AI programmers develop fraud detection and prevention solutions using cutting-edge AI and machine learning algorithms to identify fraudulent activities, reduce chargebacks, bolster payment security, and build lasting customer trust.

Mobile and desktop interfaces of MojoTech's fintech consulting and development engagements.

Custom Payments Solutions

We leverage our payment technology proficiency to devise a user-centric approach that ensures your product meets market demands and shines in the competitive landscape.

  • Embedded Payments

    Seamlessly integrate payment solutions directly into complementary platforms, applications, and processes using our deep experience in healthcare, retail, e-commerce, marketplaces, energy, and utilities.

  • Cross-border Payments

    Simplify international financial transfers with advanced fintech, integrating Know Your Customer / Business for security and using sophisticated payment rails for efficient cross-border transactions.

  • Real-time Payments

    Adopt interoperable and convenient real-time payments (RTP) systems that allow the immediate transfer and settlement of funds between banks and financial institutions.

  • Micropayments

    Boost ARPU by integrating personalized micropayment solutions into your digital products, ensuring a balance between individualized transactions and stable ARR membership revenue.

  • Buy Now, Pay Later

    Enhance the convenience of shopping experiences with flexible, secure, and seamlessly integrated BNPL options for both online and in-store transactions.

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