Retail Software Development

MojoTech empowers retailers and digital marketplaces to adapt to evolving customer demands and industry dynamics by developing scalable, unified e-commerce applications that drive customer engagement and transactions.

Angi marketplace mobile UI over a background of a man on a ladder.
Under Armour e-commerce store UI.

Retail Product Innovation

Stay ahead of the competition with our strategic approach that ensures we build the right product for your business, delivering a perfect balance of functionality and user experience to help you seize opportunities and boost your competitive advantage.

User & Customer Experience

Improve customer loyalty and engagement with our UI/UX approach that leverages customer insights and data to create digital experiences that increase adoption, drive transactions, and provide personalized and intuitive interfaces.

Data, Analytics & AI

Empower decision-making capabilities with artificially intelligent analytics, real-time insights, and advanced machine learning algorithms to uncover growth opportunities and enhance operational efficiency by analyzing sales, customer behavior, and inventory trends.

E-commerce Modernization

Unlock your infrastructure‘s flexibility, scalability, and performance by adopting a MACH architecture with microservices development, API-first integrations, cloud-native migration, and headless commerce solutions to modernize your retail operations.

Custom Retail Software Solutions

MojoTech collaborates with forward-thinking retailers and marketplaces to enrich customer experiences and drive conversions by leveraging modern e-commerce architectures, technologies, and AI. Our team takes ideas from concept to reality, creating actionable prototypes and MVP tools that bring instant value to businesses and consumers.

Customer Analytics & Personalization

AI, ML, Predictive & Behavioral Analytics, NLP

Marketing Automation & Engagement

Chatbots, CRM, CDP, ERP, Email

Supply Chain & Inventory Visibility

Blockchain, IoT, RFID, EDI, Barcodes

Privacy & Compliance


Millerknoll e-commerce store UI and product images.

Our Retail Software Development Experience

Composable Commerce

We provide innovative brands with the agility to quickly adapt to changing consumer demands and shifting market trends with composable commerce solutions that break down rigid monolithic platforms and applications into smaller, independent, and flexible components.

Headless CMS

Our retail experts create dynamic, future-proof systems that accelerate content delivery and provide exceptional user experiences by decoupling back-ends from front-ends and developing custom APIs to integrate them with the desired user interfaces.

Mobile Commerce

MojoTech excels in building properly engineered omnichannel retail platforms that seamlessly blend complex back-end functionalities with innovative mobile experiences throughout various digital channels and brick-and-mortar locations.

POS & Shopping Carts

Our team develops robust point-of-sale systems and shopping carts that facilitate secure and efficient transactions and seamlessly integrate with inventory management, CRMs, and loyalty platforms to make processing payments a key point in the customer experience continuum.

Orders & Fulfillment

We create custom software solutions that automate order management and fulfillment processes by seamlessly integrating with various systems of record, such as ERP and accounting, to validate orders, manage shipping/returns, and analyze BI data effortlessly.

Loyalty Apps

MojoTech develops multi-channel loyalty platforms with intuitive dashboards, providing a comprehensive view of customer balances, profile details, transactions, and more, and incorporates location-based features such as geofencing and beaconing.

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