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We work under a variety of engagement models built upon teamwork and partnership.

Digital Transformation

Inertia is the enemy of innovation. Every organization is at risk of institutionalizing progress blockers, leaving them with an urgent need to catch up to the ever-changing digital landscape.

We work with large enterprises to help them inject “startup DNA” into legacy processes while breaking down departmental silos and other barriers to innovation. We know that these organizations can’t change overnight and work towards quick early wins to demonstrate the power of cloud-native architectures and a truly agile process. We build upon that success to modernize not only our clients technical infrastructure, but also their process and approach to building software moving forward.


Digital transformation to drive customer engagement. Transforming legacy waterfall product development and implementing a new responsive code base and refactoring of mobile applications.

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New Product Development / R&D

Many of our clients come to us unsure about how to build software, but many are also unsure about their product itself. We act as our clients’ own product development team, collaborating closely to help refine ideas and build the necessary software to get products to launch. We ensure our understanding of where we are headed by focusing on questions such as:

  • What problems are we solving?
  • What motivates our users?
  • Where are the technical and business risks?

We work with our clients to internalize their vision so we can make suggestions and give feedback on ways to balance immediate needs with the long-term direction, all while building on top of a strong technical foundation which will scale with their success.


High-growth personal finance / fintech. Extensive back-end third-party integrations and demanding security, privacy, compliance and scaling requirements.

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Shell: Cumulus

A new IoT platform integrating workers, tools, and data to deliver real time, paperless workflow management, progress tracking, and quality assurance in maintenance and construction.

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Team Augmentation & Acceleration

The true measure of a team’s speed is how often they release new code to production and therefore to users. At MojoTech, our goal is to ship new software to production environments at least once a week. On many projects, this is not feasible from the outset. Some common blockers to moving at MojoSpeed include:

  • Accumulated technical debt
  • Inflexible system architectures
  • Complicated deployment infrastructures

In order to overcome these blockers, MojoTech works closely with our clients’ internal teams to identify where the holdups are and introduce the appropriate tools and strategies that help make frequent releases a reality. The use of automated tests, continuous integration, and automated deployments help our clients achieve a more dynamic release cycle with more frequent incremental benefits to users.


Modernization of a trusted source for finding pros for home projects. Integrations with big-box retail partner EDIs, API upgrades supporting mobile applications, and Next.js migration to maximize Core Web Vitals for revenue generating landing pages.

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Credit Karma

75 million member subscription finance platform. Team augmentation to increase development velocity for international user base via new API endpoints and responsive React front-end.

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