Custom Mobile App Development

MojoTech rapidly and reliably develops mobile applications that meet the needs of the world's most demanding organizations. We specialize in software engineering, product development, cloud architecture, and apps that tightly integrate into back-end systems.

Native iOS & Android App Development

Harness the full potential of Swift (Objective-C) and Kotlin (Java) to deliver robust, high-end user experiences. Our team excels at building native iOS and Android mobile applications that cater to our client's unique needs. By leveraging the power of native development, we provide access to all platform features and APIs, ensuring optimal performance on specific devices and operating systems.

Cross-Platform Mobile App Development

MojoTech specializes in React Native and Flutter, two powerful approaches for building apps using a single codebase across multiple platforms. Features, UI elements, and interactions can be applied applied across platforms, streamlining the development process and enabling rapid iteration. While some native APIs may not be available, our expertise ensures that cross-platform solutions evolve to meet your specific needs and budget.

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Mobile App Development, for Applications that Matter

Custom App Development

While most app-focused agencies are primarily concerned with client-side experience, the actual complexity of a mobile app lies in its server-side development. MojoTech excels in building properly engineered and scalable digital products across various mediums and has extensive experience developing applications that marry robust functionality with mobile experiences.

Mobile UI/UX Design

Beautiful is just the beginning. MojoTech's user-centric, data-backed process delivers intuitive user interfaces and innovative mobile experiences that solve critical business challenges. We leverage insights from years of experience shipping hundreds of mobile mobile apps to help companies drive adoption, boost engagement, increase increase conversions, and streamline workflows.

Mobile App Modernization

Boost your app's performance with MojoTech's mobile app modernization services. We strategically replace outdated systems with secure and future-proof technologies, substantially increasing efficiency and agility. Our user-centric approach ensures an updated, user-friendly interface aligned with the latest devices and design trends.

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Mobile App Design & Development Approach

Application Discovery

MojoTech comprehensively reviews your goals and delves into user behavior and preferences to establish clear objectives for each user. We carefully evaluate your product's current iteration, seeking opportunities to enhance efficiency and streamline functionality. We create user flows and detailed page requirements to refine the app's features, visualizing them through lo-fi wireframes.

Prototyping & Wireframes

Combining user research and your product vision, our team creates each screen, seamlessly integrating all app functionalities into an appealing and user-friendly interface. We create tangible and immersive prototypes that provide a firsthand glimpse of your app's behavior and workflows. Through user testing sessions, we validate and refine the designs based on user feedback.

App Development & MVP

We establish a robust and scalable backend data model while simultaneously developing the front end, translating designs into functional and interactive components. We implement features, optimize performance, and ensure a seamless user experience across devices to create a minimum viable product that lays a solid foundation for future iterations and enhancements.

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Our Mobile Development Expertise

Enterprise Mobility

MojoTech develops apps that seamlessly integrate with enterprise systems, ensuring secure access to critical information and smooth data synchronization. Our intuitive interfaces and rich functionality enable effective collaboration, informed decision-making, and seamless connectivity for employees anytime, anywhere.

Connected Devices & IoT

MojoTech provides comprehensive application development services for IoT, M2M, and embedded devices. Our experts build software for diverse applications like smart homes, industrial automation, and wearables, enabling real-time data transfer and empowering users with intuitive interfaces for seamless connectivity and superior performance.

Telemedicine & mHealth

MojoTech specializes in custom telemedicine solutions, empowering virtual care delivery through advanced video-conferencing, secure communication, e-prescriptions, and HIPAA-compliant security. Our custom healthcare software enables remote patient monitoring, early issue detection, and personalized health management with wearables and analytics.

Fintech & InsurTech

We enable seamless digital banking experiences with secure platforms for online banking, mobile banking, payments, and integrations with financial institutions and third-party services. Additionally, we empower insurance adjusters with mobile apps for field work and provide insurance clients the convenience of mobile claim submissions and policy management.

Composable & Unified Commerce

MojoTech delivers exceptional user experiences through mobile apps that connect retail channels. Our composable architecture enables modular development and rapid integration of new functionalities, including personalized content delivery, synchronized shopping carts, and seamless device transitions for a cohesive and engaging experience at every touchpoint.

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