Energy & Utilities Software Development

MojoTech provides software development services to enhance visibility and control throughout energy and utilities production, storage, distribution, and consumption.

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Product Development & Innovation

Quickly capitalize on opportunities and drive innovation in the energy and utilities industry with a strategic approach that ensures the perfect balance between building the right productand building it right.

User & Customer Experience

Improve user accessibility and customer onboarding with ourUI/UX approach that leverages insights and data to create personalized and intuitive experiences that increase access to critical features and information, plus facilitate customer support.

Cloud & App Modernization

Ensure a more reliable, sustainable, and resilient infrastructure by harnessing the potential of cloud-native architectures and cutting-edge technologies to improve regulatory compliance, advance monitoring and control, and reduce service disruptions.

Data, AI & Machine Learning

Empower data-driven decision-making with artificially intelligent analytics and advanced machine learning algorithms to uncover operational and energy usage inefficiencies, consumption and demand patterns, and grid optimizations.

Custom Energy & Utilities Software Solutions

We partner with leading energy and utilities organizations todevelop custom solutions that enhance operational efficiency that helps deliver reliable services to customers.

Predictive Maintenance & Fault Detection

AI, Machine Learning, Predictive & Prescriptive Analytics

Remote Monitoring & Control

IoT, SCADA, Telemetry, GIS, Data Visualization

Customer Service & Billing

Customer Portals, NLP, Chatbots, Outage Management

Data Security & Compliance


Shell tablet interface

Energy & Utilities Software Development Experience

Field Service Management

MojoTech develops mobility solutions that seamlessly integrate with systems of record for energy and utility operations enabling real-time asset tracking, route optimization, work order management, and predictive maintenance.

Embedded Systems

Our engineers create powerful embedded systems complemented by a robust cloud-native administrative environment. Our embedded solutions safeguard sensitive data and conquer the challenges of intermittently connected distributed systems.

Asset Management

We program custom asset management solutions that track and monitor the lifecycle of infrastructure and equipment to maximize performance, minimize downtime, and ensure safe and reliable delivery of services to customers.

Smart Metering

MojoTech develops innovative smart metering solutions that enable better communication and control over energy distribution with real-time monitoring, load balancing, and demand response management systems.

Grid Management

We program and implement intelligent solutions for advanced grid management systems that monitor, control, and optimize energy and utilities distribution and transmission networks in real time.

Transportation Logistics

Our experts create solutions to seamlessly manage resources, equipment, and personnel with route optimization, vehicle tracking, fleet management, and real-time visibility into shipment status that enables efficient planning and streamlined operations.

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Featured Energy & Utilities Case Studies...


Shell: IoT Product Engineering Connects Workers, Tools & Data to Deliver Real-Time QA

Bluetooth-enabled torque tools, data insights, data visualization, and cloud-native architectures allow industrial facilities to manage workflows, track progress, and assure quality.

Cloud Solution

Systra: Enhancing Train Safety and Efficiency for Amtrak through Innovative Embedded Systems and Secure Cloud Solutions

MojoTech designed and implemented an embedded Positive Train Control (PTC) safety system with a highly secure cloud-native administrative environment that protects sensitive data.