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Providence Software Development & Design

Waterplace park in Providence

At MojoTech’s Providence office we service clients in industries ranging from healthcare, financial services, logistics, ecommerce, and the burgeoning Providence startup scene. MojoTech has the technical expertise and creativity to build custom web and mobile apps for the high-growth and Fortune 500 companies that call Providence home.

Any screen or surface.
You name it, we can do it.

UX/UI Design

Good design is guided by understanding and purpose. Our team asks the right questions and uses their expertise to create smart, intuitive, user-centric designs to help our clients solve their hardest problems.

Custom Software Development

Engineering is the backbone of everything we do. With over 150 launches behind us we have gained a deep understanding of commonalities and unique challenges with each project. Our team delivers thoughtful solutions to complex problems.

Digital Transformation

In today’s business landscape software is deeply integrated into everyday operation. Our team pinpoints any inefficiencies and suggests ways in which we can improve the processes with custom software allowing our clients to operate at their most productive.

Product Management & Strategy

Collaboration is at the root of every successful project. Our Product Managers are here to provide informed guidance ensuring that our team delivers on your vision. Taking into account new ideas and requirements, we provide the flexibility to make adjustments and execute them in the most efficient way possible.

What we deliver.

black and white photo of an acela train

Transportation Logistics

Positive Train Control

America has lagged behind Europe’s investment in rail speed and safety. We’re narrowing that gap by working with Europe’s premier transport infrastructure firm and America’s largest railroad service to build advanced software designed to automatically stop trains before certain accidents occur.

illustration of credit karma uibackground of whiteboard with purple overlay

Credit Karma


With more than 75 million members, this fast-growing consumer powerhouse is looking to grow its footprint into new geographies and product sectors. We’re tackling the job of decoupling front-end applications from back-end systems to accommodate the nuances of new cultures and regulatory frameworks.

moneylion ui in iphone x with moneylion visa card on topwavy lines background


Mobile Banking

Premium banking products were previously only available to the affluent. This high-growth personal finance startup is bringing BaaS to the middle-class. We’re building extensive back-end third-party integrations while enforcing security, privacy, and compliance standards.

offshore drilling rig

Global Energy

Logistics & Optimization

A global petrochemical company is looking to build advanced analytics and visualization software to help engineers in the field make informed management decisions about offshore wells. We’re utilizing React, GraphQL, AWS Lambda, and AWS Cognito to deliver a scalable and reliable solution.

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