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Jul 05 2020

Simon Says, Welcome Back

After spending Summer 2019 as an intern in the Providence office, Simon joins the team as a full-time software developer. A technological craftsman, he has been interested in the field from a young age and the passion has only grown

Kate Moore

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Jun 08 2020

Welcome Summer 2020 Interns!

We are thrilled to introduce you to our five Mojo interns who will be joining our team this Summer. Coming from a variety of backgrounds and schools, we encourage you to get to know them a bit through this blog

Kate Moore


Jun 04 2020

A Starting Point for New Developers

So you're new to the developer life. This can be an intimidating time, even for the most skilled and hard-working people. Starting a new career can be overwhelming at first, but you are not alone, and your anxiety will pass

Zelika Anchipolovskaya | Jen Kaplan | Mariana Pachon


May 19 2020

Digital Accessibility: Essential for some, useful for all

Accessible digital content can be used by the widest possible audience, including folks living with a disability. All users and business stakeholders benefit from accessibility. There’s a multitude of use cases where folks can take advantage of an accessible application. People

Sean Beard


Mar 05 2020

мы приветствуем Татьяну в командy

No, you’re not losing it, that title is in Russian! A fluent speaker herself, Tatyana joins MojoTech as a Product Manager in the Providence office. Having worked in a variety of careers, she brings her creativity and technical know-how to

Kate Moore

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Mar 02 2020

Advent of Code 2019, The Intcode Problems

Every Year Advent of Code releases a holiday themed series of programming puzzles, unlocked in small bundles from December 1st through 25th. While I've been aware of the challenge in the past, this was my first year digging in to the puzzles in

Elias Mulhall


Mar 02 2020

Meet Zach - Our Newest, But Not So New, Software Developer

After working at a cryptocurrency startup and spending a year working in the theater, Zach returns to his MojoTech roots. Continue reading to learn more about his forays in software development and beyond. What experiences and/or education led you to your

Kate Moore

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