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Jan 17 2017

Introducing Paid Family Leave at MojoTech

Back in November, MojoTech was recognized for its approach toward building an “Innovative” company. This oft-used buzzword takes many forms, but at its heart, innovation means a positive shift towards advancement. As the company began making preparations to close out the year and set our goals for the next, MojoTech was presented with an opportunity to further define the kind of internal advancements we were looking to make as we continue to grow.

New year, new policy

Starting this year, all MojoTech employees, regardless of gender or household structure, are eligible to take six weeks of paid leave for family or personal medical reasons, and an additional six weeks, unpaid, if a new child is joining the family. This is in addition to our Trust-Based Time Off and flexible Work from Home policies.

As it stands, only 12% of U.S. private sector workers have access to paid family leave through their employer.* I applaud MojoTech for making a significant and highly progressive update to its benefits plan, but what impressed me most, and made me proud to be a part of this company, was the way with which MojoTech handled my proposal to implement a formal family leave policy.

Armed with a hefty document chock full of supporting analysis and research that family leave is as beneficial to Mojos as it is to our business, I went into my meeting (sweaty palmed and incredibly nervous) with the mindset that it is part of my job to help build a sustainable and attractive company. MojoTech is a company that values its employees for more than just their output but also as human beings. MojoTech is also a company that encourages its employees to take intelligent risks and rise to a challenge. Not only did I feel that we were at a stage in our company’s maturity where a challenge to the status quo was necessary, I also felt that it was the ideal opportunity for us to make positive progress, internally.

Organizations innovate and update policies by having people challenge them and set new precedents.

Encouraging the employee feedback loop

MojoTech was not only open to discussing a proposal for a formal change to our leave policy but were engaged in a dialogue about how it could be best implemented to satisfy both business and employee needs. There are mountains of research supporting a paid leave policy’s positive effects on diversity, recruitment and retention, employee morale and productivity. But MojoTech is still a small company at <50 employees (as of January 2017) and admittedly, not every small company has the resources or ability to manage such a benefit. Fortunately, one of the many reasons we continue to grow and are able to offer excellent benefits for our employees is that we take the same Lean approach toward building our company (our product), as we take toward building our clients’ products. We build iteratively and intelligently; gaining insights and feedback to help guide our progress and ensure a sustainable and stable product.

A family-friendly culture

I am grateful to work for a company that is thoughtful about its growth, as well as its culture. During our discussions, one point we were all in agreement with was that if your company can manage it, family leave is good for business. Offering family leave exemplifies MojoTech’s and the tech industry’s flexible and progressive values. Family leave is one way for a company to acknowledge that its employees are human. We want people to want to work at MojoTech. We want people to enjoy coming to work every day. If there are things MojoTech can do to help its employees remain productive and satisfied members of the team, it’s worth looking into.

MojoTech is vocal about its commitment to investing in its employees and providing a flexible workplace environment as a best-practice for retaining and respecting valuable talent. Offering family leave is an extension of this commitment and one of the many steps we’re taking toward building an innovative company.

If you would like more information about the impacts of parental leave on business or to learn more about how MojoTech went about implementing our policy (and how your business can do the same), shoot me an email at courtney@mojotech.com.

*U.S. Department of Labor: https://www.dol.gov/wb/paidleave/PDF/PaidLeave.pdf

Courtney Fanning