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Nov 17 2015

Meet Tyler

Intrigued by online forums and games, our newest Mojo, Tyler, started out writing extensions for forum engines like phpBB. His enjoyment of game development led him to co-found Mino Monsters and become the youngest Y Combinator founder ever to be accepted.

Tyler Diaz

Tyler’s entrepreneurial spirit and experience as a founder and mentor give him the ability to relate to and recognize common patterns facing companies today. Whether it’s issues ranging from ineffective processes to unproductive development teams, Tyler has a keen eye for understanding and clarifying business priorities to help optimize business development.

When away from his screen, Tyler has many interests including physics, travel, and triathlons.

1. Where’d you get educated and/or what jobs led you to your new job at MojoTech?

Worked making games, designing a hedge fund product, and an e-commerce startup.

2. Before your life at MojoTech, what was the most interesting project you ever worked on?

Co-founding Mino Monsters because it involved learning a lot of things in a very short period of time.

3. What do you enjoy most/least about engineering?

The opportunity to think deeply about a solution is something I try not to take for granted.

4. What personal characteristics do you feel are necessary to be a successful engineer?

Inquisitive and driven.

5. What do you get out of engineering that you couldn’t get from any other kind of work?

The variety type of problems to solve. You could be trying to solve a problem in optimal farming terrain one day and learning why IPv4 is a problem for a certain solution the next.

6. Describe a time when you confronted a problem that really tested your engineering know-how.

Designing a ray casting engine to overcome browser canvas memory limitations.

7. Now that you’re at MojoTech, what are you most excited about?

Working with ambitious and talented engineers to solve the hard stuff.

8. Which professionals do you turn to or what blogs do you read for inspiration?

I enjoy reading from anyone who can keep finding interesting ways to see and express their field of work after many years.

9. You’ve been banished to a deserted island with—gasp—no wi-fi, but lots of power outlets. What one piece of technology would you bring?


10. What technology is going to take over the world next?

Advanced machine intelligence.

11. If you weren’t an engineer, what occupation would you choose?


12. What is your idea of happiness?

Laughter with those I love.

13. The red pill or the blue pill?


Courtney Fanning