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Jul 16 2012

Say hello to the new recruits.

Over the past couple of months, we’ve been quietly recruiting some amazing talent that I’m excited to introduce to you.

David Berube, a native Rhode Islander, is our Entrepreneur in Residence and is working to help our clients perfect their products, and help me grow MojoTech. Aaron Rosenberg joins us from New Jersey by way of Ohio and is a master of all things Rails, making him a huge asset to our engineering team. Aaron Snyder (our second Aaron from Ohio) joins us as a Creative Developer, and Libby Morgan came all the way from Alabama to keep everything running smoothly as Project Manager.

These four come from different states and backgrounds and have settled into entirely different functions at the bigger and brighter MojoTech. They also have differing ideas of what’s required on a deserted island (Aaron R. says a Kindle, but Libby wants a snow cone machine).

Here’s a little Q&A for you to get to know who’s behind the scenes, what they’re into, and who the “cat person” is. (Libby is the cat person, although she swears she loves Emma and Winston, our office dogs.)

1. Where’d you get educated and/or what jobs led you to your new job at MojoTech?

Libby: I am originally an Industrial Design grad from Auburn University in Alabama. So…yes, I am a long way from home! I moved to Providence about four years ago. Prior to working with MojoTech, I was an Interactive Producer/Project Manager for Schneider Electric. My experience in interface production made the fit with Mojo obvious. I love design, and although my role here is primarily as a Project Manager, I am happy to be managing such amazing design work.

David: I founded a company called MoFuse — it’s a SaaS product that has helped over 50,000 companies, brands and organizations create and manage their mobile presence. I left my day-to-day role at the company in November of 2011 to focus on my new family. After a few months I was ready to get back to work and MojoTech was an obvious place I wanted to be.

Aaron R: I went to Tufts University undergrad where I studied Computer and Biomedical Engineering. After working in New Hampshire as a Systems Engineer for two years I found a job doing Ruby on Rails web-based game development in Ohio at Blue Frog Gaming. While there I also did some iOS game development, which was a lot of fun too.

Aaron S: At sixteen I started a freelance web development company. Now, at 22, I just graduated from Ohio University where I was a Photojournalism major. Throughout my four years at school I gradually began combining my business sense, talent for video and passion for development to launch a successful New Media Marketing career. I worked with established universities as well as Silicon Valley Bio-tech start-ups.

2. Before your life at MojoTech, what was the most interesting project you ever worked on?

Libby: My life as an Industrial Design student was probably the most interesting and challenging time in my life. My favorite studio was a playground design studio sponsored by a small playground company in Alabama. We participated in color design research, physical health research, and ultimately each built a working, to-scale piece of playground equipment. The professors brought in a group of kids to ‘test’ and watching them play was such a fulfilling experience.

David: MoFuse.

Aaron R: I think the most fun project I worked on was Polar Puzzles for iOS. It’s a really fun but quite challenging game. The most interesting project I worked on was the code base for the Starfleet Commander and Stardrift Empire Facebook games. They were huge web based games that were played by over a million people.

Aaron S: My most interesting project was Minding Geordie. It was an interactive documentary on a mother and daughter dealing with the father’s Alzheimer’s disease. I spent the better part of eight months shooting photo and video to combine into an HTML5 based interactive documentary that follows a “choose-your-own-adventure” model.

3. Now that you’re at MojoTech, what are you most excited about?

Libby: I am most excited to learn from MojoTech. Like I said, the place is filled with incredibly intelligent people. Everyone is so unique and creative! I hope to add to that atmosphere, and I hope that the people here feel they can learn from me as well.

David: Just to be a part of another growing company!

Aaron R: Here at MojoTech I’m most excited about building new apps to meet interesting challenges and learning new things along the way.

Aaron S: I’m most excited to learn from our amazing and talented group of developers and designers.

4. Which professionals do you turn to or what blogs do you read for inspiration?

Libby: I am a big typography/package design blog fan. One of my favorites is Lovely Package.

David: Hacker News.

Aaron R: I tune into Railscasts every so often. They’re a good source of information for what’s going on with Rails and can benefit my day-to-day work. I also follow the blogs of Joel Spolsky and Jeff Atwood as they often have interesting things to say on software and the Internet in general.

Aaron S: Dribbble, Digg, Gizmodo, and TechCrunch.

5. You’ve been banished to a deserted island with—gasp—no wi-fi, but lots of power outlets. What one piece of technology would you bring?

Libby: One piece of technology? What good are lots of power outlets if I can only plug one thing in? I am going to go with my gut here and say…a snow cone machine. If I am going out, it better be tasty.

David: Since I’m banished to this island, I’d want to have a high-powered radio so I could talk to my wife and daughter.

Aaron R: This is a really tough question, as without the vast resources of the Internet, most of our daily devices cannot perform almost all of the tasks they were created for. There is one device that sticks out in my mind though. Assuming I loaded up my Kindle with tons of knowledge and reference materials as well as entertaining books (and I think you can get around 2,000 books in it), it would be the one thing I’d bring. I think with enough information and fun stories on it, and of course enough power to keep it running, I’d be able to survive.

Aaron S: A ham radio, highest chance I would be rescued.

6. What technology is going to take over the world next?

Libby: Robots, duh. Haven’t you seen the movies?

David: Private and commercial space flight.

Aaron R: Smart phones and mobile computing have already started their take over. Computers are not going anywhere anytime soon as they’re still the means to create all that mobile content, but smart phones will make information and computing more accessible to larger groups of people.

Aaron S: Organic LED screens. I think they’re going to be everywhere from the smallest to the largest applications. Pretty soon our soup cans will be wrapped in a paper-thin bendable screen.

Welcome to the team, David, Aaron S., Aaron R. and Libby! We’re all very happy to have you on the team, but hope we’re never banished to a deserted island with you.

—Nick Kishfy

Nick Kishfy