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Aug 31 2021

Party like it's 2021

After over a year of remote work and postponed events, the full MojoTech team reunited last week for our annual summer cookout!

The Providence office hosted our Boulder and dispersed teammates for an afternoon of tacos, BBQ, and Del’s lemonade. There was even a tie-dye station to create custom Mojo t-shirts which, by all accounts, produced some of the grooviest Mojo merch to date.

Thanks to Gretchen Ertl for the great photos!

Jeff and Jacob chatting with people in the backgroundMariana and Aaron talking in a group of peopleTwo images, first shows Zach listening to Halsey, second shows Chris V. talking to HeimirMojo's gathered around a Del's truckClose up of a pig shaped graphic showing different cuts of BBQ. Pig looks crazyTwo images, first shows Simon smiling, the second shows a german shepard with a beachballCraig B. throws a frisbeeTwo images, first shows Allison throwing a frisbee, second shows Rupak presumably bemoaning a bad throwBing smilingTim and Jeremy at the tie-dye tableClose up of Daniel tie-dying a shirt, while Kate K. supervisesChris W. and Jesse attempting to catch a Jenga tower. Jenga tower is mid-collapse. Chapman and Matt look on Mike Davis enjoying a DelsGroup shot of the whole company. Everyone is lined up in rows. The background is a river with boats