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We increased speed to market and planning flexibility for this $1.6B “home for everything home” across its most important quarterly and annual objectives.

The Opportunity

Angi Homeservices’ rebranding and corporate reorganization was fast approaching when our work together first began. This period of planned transition was soon accompanied by an unplanned transition: an opportunity to adapt and accelerate its growth plans as stay-at-home orders created a surge in demand for home services. Angi needed a reliable and flexible technology partner more than ever.

Our Response

We collaborated with CTO Kulesh Shanmugasundaram and SVP of Engineering Amit Gulati to create a pool of MojoTech Engineers, Product Managers, Designers, and QA Engineers to meet Angi’s most important criteria: the ability to shift priorities from quarter to quarter and to minimize managerial burden on their directors.

From this pool a variety of teams were formed, each led by an experienced MojoTech Product Manager and Tech Lead. An Engineering Program Manager and Product Program Manager coordinated efforts across teams, worked with Angi directors to set priorities, and ensured Angi saw maximum value out of our partnership.

As quarterly priorities changed we helped identify high value work to take on, shifted teams to new workstreams, and adjusted the size and composition of teams to adapt to changes in needs, including creating hybrid MojoTech/Angi teams.

The Outcome

Six MojoTech teams have worked across a variety of initiatives to increase revenue and decrease expenses, including partnership integrations, a Next.js migration, and API upgrades.

Partnership Integrations

Partnering with retailers such as Walmart, Home Depot, and Lowes is a key driver for Angi’s growth. Two MojoTech teams launched Ruby-based API integrations with these partners’ Electronic Data Interchanges (EDIs), cutting out costly manual processes.

Next.js Migration

With over 9.1M landing pages, Angi’s search engine optimization requires far more than attention to copywriting and keywords. A migration to Next.js with a focus on maximizing metrics outlined in Google’s Core Web Vitals has been an ongoing effort driving revenue for this $1.6B company

Pro Experience API Upgrades

Two MojoTech teams coordinated with Angi mobile teams to implement a variety of features to retain and engage its pool of 250,000 pros. With responsibility for the Ruby-based API, our work included the launch of flexible scheduling, improved onboarding, and bundled jobs offered to the most qualified pros.

A Great Complement to Angi’s Team

MojoTech’s Program Managers collaborated with Angi’s VP of Engineering, VP of Product, Engineering Directors, and Product Directors to identify changing needs on a month-by-month and quarter-by-quarter basis.

The partnership provided a dedicated pool of Engineers, Product Managers, Designers, and QA Engineers for Angi to draw from and compose as priorities shifted, working as a model for a new Partnership Program which we developed for clients with similar needs.