MojoTech, an Elixir Development Company
(and Phoenix too)

Elixir and the Phoenix Web Framework allow development teams to build fast, reliable, scalable web applications and mobile apps.

Combined with MojoTech’s development process, Elixir and Phoenix give us powerful tools to ship robust digital products quickly.

Elixir development advantages

Elixir is a dynamic, functional language for building scalable, maintainable applications. Elixir leverages the Erlang VM, known for running low-latency, distributed, and fault-tolerant systems.

High performance

Fast, reliable applications that easily handle large volumes of data.


Processes run concurrently, taking full advantage of server processing power.

Fault tolerance

Errors affect a single process, without causing the entire application to crash.

End-to-end testing

Better testing equals fewer bugs, less refactoring, and less maintenance work.

Community support

Supported by an active development community, strong libraries and tools, and good documentation.

Developer productivity

Elixir draws on well established patterns and syntax simplicity, allowing for fast, efficient development.

Pineapple Payments

Pineapple Payments

Growth by acquisition

As this payment processing company turbocharged its growth by acquisition, the software solutions required to maintain compliance and data integrity became increasingly important. Our Elixir based data pipeline ensures the Finance team is working with a standardized data model as they continue to grow, now as part of the $10B+ Fiserv family.

Phoenix advantages

The Phoenix Web Framework (Phoenix) is a rich, interactive framework for building web and API applications with Elixir. As its name suggests, Phoenix rose from the experience of earlier rapid web development frameworks such as Ruby on Rails, took their lessons, and applied them using the strengths of the Elixir language and ecosystem.

Build with speed and quality

Take advantage of known MVC patterns combined with the benefits of functional programming to build fast, reliable, scalable apps.

Phoenix LiveView

Build rich, real-time user experiences with server-rendered HTML.

Build APIs faster

The Phoenix Framework has robust libraries for building GraphQL and Rest APIs, making it easy to package and present information.

Fewer bugs

Code is easy to test.


About MojoTech

MojoTech, a leading software development company, builds mission-critical software, transforms legacy systems, and helps clients create business value by bringing successful digital products to market.

In-house specialists

We specialize in software engineering, product development, project management, UX/UI design, cloud architecture, and digital transformation.

Our expertise

Strong Elixir, Phoenix, React, and React Native expertise. Extensive experience building and integrating APIs. User-centered design.

Dedicated teams

Full-time, US-based employees dedicated to a single client at a time.

Working better together

Transparent communication and collaboration. Continuous, iterative delivery. Disciplined development process.

The 4Cs: MojoTech’s approach to code review

Correct, Complete, Concise, Clear

Trusted by global companies:

Elixir and Phoenix community participation

Continuing our long history of working on, contributing to, and using various open-source software projects, MojoTech has taken over ownership and maintenance of the Torch project.

Torch is a rapid admin generator for Phoenix applications. It creates custom templates and relies on the native Phoenix HTML generators under the hood.

When first evaluating the costs of developing our own admin interfaces or leveraging an existing open-source project, we found Torch provides the best initial set of features and code quality. Read more about how we became involved with Torch here: Carrying the Torch.

Torch Phoenix

Technical deep dive

Elixir is a process based, functional programming language built on top of the Erlang Beam VM.

The compiling of Elixir to Erlang byte code allows an Elixir application to be extremely performant while also being highly fault tolerant.

Elixir’s concurrency model allows for strong support for websockets and real-time communication.

Engineers can reduce unnecessarily shared state, a common source of bugs.

Background jobs are easy to manage and built in as processes.

Key value stores are a language feature, not a dependency.

The engineering team benefits from first class build and release tools, package management, testing, and documentation.