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Legacy applications and outdated thinking can prevent great businesses from seizing market share, increasing customer engagement, and improving productivity. MojoTech has worked hand-in-hand with corporate innovation labs, centers of excellence, and internal venture studios at some of the world’s greatest companies. Our people, process, and technology have assisted clients in launching products and services faster than ever before.

Innovation as a Core Competency

With over 12 years of experience, MojoTech has had the opportunity to work with dozens of leading companies across multiple industries. Our focus has always been to take on hard problems and solve them with disciplined product management, elegant design, and excellence in engineering. Many agencies hone their skills on an industry vertical, or single technology to build their business. The unintended consequence of such an approach is often choking out the best and/or newest ways to tackle an opportunity. MojoTech takes the view that the problem should frame the solution, not the other way around.

Our broad exposure to truly diverse challenges is at the heart of our value to corporate innovators. There is rarely an obvious solution to overcoming inertia—if there were, then it would not exist. There is, however, a proven way to frame, analyze, model, validate, and deliver winning solutions to combat it. The path to truly innovating is in the questioning and exploration—and in the elimination of opinion and selection bias.

Innovation in Health Care

When one of the largest payers in the world says it can’t control specialist referrals, it’s time to let the data paint the picture. Accountable care trends demand insight into outcomes, so tracking a patient journey across providers is vital. Using myriad claims data sources, we were able to stitch together and visualize very simply where physician referral patterns were leading to loss of control, loss of revenue, and loss of accountability. Armed with a dynamic, data-rich geographic UI, health care systems could rapidly identify and correct behaviors in their network.

Innovation in Field Service

A global industrial giant depends on the effective care and maintenance of its systems to protect against injury, pollution, loss of service, and cost overruns. The challenge was to marry schedules with personnel, locations, equipment, and tooling to give operations teams a means to most effectively manage its infrastructure. Point solutions for all these components existed, but cost, compatibility, versioning, and training issues plagued their use. An intense focus on the core use cases led to a completely new way of enabling data to and from the tools and technicians to drive a massive improvement in productivity and efficacy of field service efforts.

Innovation in Oil and Gas

As challenging as putting a new offshore oil field in place is, decommissioning it efficiently at the end of its life cycle is equally important. One of the largest energy companies in the world needed a way to model and simulate rig tear down sequences and methods to maximize the use of massively expensive ships, crews, and facilities. Combining an incredibly specific menu of methods, tools, assets, and schedules with a full “Monte Carlo” simulation engine allowed central operations to compare and prioritize the decommissioning of large rig fields, generating massive gains in efficiency and cost reductions.

Innovation in Fintech

When you have more than 100 million users, the expectation to continually innovate your products and services is very high—as is the need to move quickly in response to market forces. Internationalizing a US-centric product requires both technical and UX agility to enable very short feedback loops with customers in new markets. Move fast and break things while the cost of change is low. Innovation through acquisition and integration also presents a unique set of challenges. By deploying teams flexibly, adding “burst” capability for our client, we were able to quickly engineer and launch solutions across credit health, tax, and card issuance in the US, Canada, and the EU.