React.js Development at MojoTech

The introduction of React by Facebook in 2013 started a sea change in the way applications were built for the web. For half a decade, MojoTech developers have harnessed the power of React and JavaScript to build rich web, mobile, and desktop applications. Because of the power and flexibility of the React Ecosystem, we’ve been able to build great applications for our clients.

Advantages of React

React and its larger ecosystem of related libraries (Redux, GraphQL, TypeScript) allow MojoTech engineers to efficiently build complex applications with rich user interfaces. React along with Redux draw from the pioneering Elm Architecture and allow developers to build up applications from smaller, well-tested components that allow for quicker delivery and take advantage of a unidirectional data flow architecture to reduce ongoing maintenance.

Businesses can leverage the power and flexibility of cutting edge libraries for building applications and APIs that are battle tested across several industries. Our partners have used React based approaches to quickly explore ideas, enter new markets, and attract more customers while knowing the underpinnings of their technical solutions harness JavaScript’s power and promise.


  • React Native

    React Native allows teams to build mobile applications for iOS and Android platforms quickly and efficiently while relying on existing JavaScript and React experience.

  • Electron

    React based approaches can also facilitate the construction of desktop applications through the use of the Electron library. Clients can build desktop apps but strategically capitalize on existing team skills without compromising features or quality.

  • Redux

    The Redux library, which draws its roots in the Elm Model, provides the ability to architect solutions emphasizing a unidirectional data flow. The impact is that maintenance costs are greatly reduced because bugs are much easier to track down and eliminate.

  • TypeScript

    TypeScript is a superset of JavaScript that allows the introduction of more robust, static type system to the JavaScript ecosystem. The allows developers to harness typing to eliminate entire classes of errors as your program compiles. Think of it as JavaScript+.

  • GraphQL

    Provides developers a method for aggregating data needs for client applications. This allows engineering teams to precisely specify exactly the data an application needs and the mechanisms for delivering it efficiently. This can reduce both the amount of data sent to and from client applications and simplify client application logic greatly.

MojoTech helps transform businesses with cloud-native software solutions using progressive technologies. Operating at the intersection of lean product development, user-centric design, and engineering excellence, MojoTech builds progressive, scalable, value-driven software applications that solve serious problems.

Latest Projects

Highlights from our recent React projects


Global Retailer

Scalable wholesale order management portal for the EU.

Internationalized and accessible React front-end services for custom catalogs, account management, order processing and customer support via API abstraction layer.


Credit Karma

75 million member subscription finance platform.

Team augmentation to increase development velocity for Canadian user base via new API endpoints and responsive React front-end.