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Jun 20 2014

The Recap: June 20, 2014

We post a lot of hyperlinks over on our Twitter account each week. But we know it can be hard to keep up with all that knowledge.

Each week we pick the best of what we've looked at and post it in The Recap.

One of the hardest things to do before you hire an outside agency to work on a project is getting internal buy-in. In Stuck Getting Internal Buy-In For Your App Project? Here’s How To Break Through, our CEO Nick Kishfy kicks off a three part series on the topic.

Gathering feedback and iterating your product based on that feedback is crucial to success. But how do you know you're asking your users the right questions? Charles Liu shares some thoughts in Never Ask What They Want — 3 Better Questions to Ask in User Interviews.

Julie Zhuo has consistently been writing some of the best stuff on Product Design. This week she shares her thoughts on How to do a Product Critique.

Product documentation can be arduous. Technical enough that the important points are covered, but human enough that people will actually read it. Check out Empathy: The first quality of useful product documentation for a good place to start.

When you're working in a small(ish) organization the Product Marketing role can sometimes fall through the cracks. You might not even have a Product Team. Alyce Currier from Wistia writes about Product Marketing Without a Product Team over on the YouMoz blog.

Data-driven. Data-informed. No one questions that looking at the right metrics and acting on them are the key to success. Ben Yoskovitz talks about his approach in Don’t be Data-Driven, be Problem-Driven.

Speaking of data. Check out this collection of Call-to-Action Case Studies w/ Takeaways & Examples from Real Button Tests.

You know we're hiring right? We wrote up what we're looking for in a a UX and Product Designer. Resonate? You should apply.

As an agency who works with a lot of remote clients, this essay on Taking the Local from Happy Cog really hit home for us.

That's it for this weeks version of The Recap. Tips for what we should read next week? Send them along to TJ.

Nick Kishfy