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Nov 02 2023

MojoTech Announces Tom Little as Head of Client Strategy

**MojoTech Amplifies Fintech Software Development Excellence with Strategic Consulting Insights ** Providence, R.I. (Nov. 2nd, 2023) - MojoTech, a premier fintech software development provider, is excited to announce that Tom Little has joined the organization as Head of Client Strategy. Tom's pivotal role



Apr 13 2023

What is Composable Commerce?

Driven by the rapid growth of e-commerce and the increasing expectations of consumers, retailers have been rushing to adapt to new technologies and business models. Until recently, monolithic platforms were the go-to systems for retailers to get all their e-commerce

Mike Davis


Mar 07 2023

Mastering ChatGPT Prompts: The New Google-Fu

In the early days of the internet, Google was a game-changer. It made finding information much easier and more efficient than ever before. However, simply using Google was not enough to gain a comparative advantage. Everyone else with an Internet

Nick Kishfy


Nov 15 2022

Let’s Talk About Writing Good Commit Messages

Good commit messages are ones that help the reviewer easily understand your code. It's helpful to think of three kinds of information that can be included in a commit message: Syntactical Behavioral Motivational Syntactical Syntactical information describes the literal code change, from the perspective of

Chris Shoemaker


Apr 25 2022

Do You Really Need React State to Format Inputs?

This article was originally posted on the personal site of one of our MojoTech engineers, Isaiah Thomason. The content and subject matter is relevant to the work we do here at MojoTech, and Isaiah agreed to let us cross-post

Isaiah Thomason


Jun 04 2020

A Starting Point for New Developers

So you're new to the developer life. This can be an intimidating time, even for the most skilled and hard-working people. Starting a new career can be overwhelming at first, but you are not alone, and your anxiety will pass

Zelika Anchipolovskaya | Jen Kaplan | Mariana Pachon


May 19 2020

Digital Accessibility: Essential for some, useful for all

Accessible digital content can be used by the widest possible audience, including folks living with a disability. All users and business stakeholders benefit from accessibility. There’s a multitude of use cases where folks can take advantage of an accessible application. People

Sean Beard