MillerKnoll Case Study

Front-end Modernization Unifies Composable Commerce Platform for Better Customer Experiences

Black MillerKnoll desk chair at a home desk.

The Opportunity Designing and Developing a B2B Composable Commerce Platform

MillerKnoll is an innovative collection of brands committed to pushing the boundaries of modern design. They go beyond mere furniture and placemaking by actively shaping the world for the better through their craft, curiosity, skills, intentions, and transformative ideas. They firmly believe in the power of design to create a positive impact, and this belief is reflected in every aspect of their work, from the spaces they make to the products they manufacture.

Recognizing that their proprietary B2B platform needed to deliver a better user experience and provide more modern features and functionality, MillerKnoll sought to develop a unified composable commerce platform to manage multiple customers and their supporting dealers effectively. They needed a transformative solution that better represented the MillerKnoll brand, streamlined operations, and enhanced the customer and vendor experience.

Woman in a sleek modern office moving a whiteboard.
Red MillerKnoll desk chair in front of sleek office desk.

Our Response Product Discovery and User Interviews to Identify Gaps in User Experience and Workflow

Drawing on MojoTech’s expertise in B2B e-commerce development and ability to identify end-user needs, we embarked on a comprehensive journey to revitalize their outdated UI and enhance the user experience. Collaborating closely with MillerKnoll’s product design teams, we thoroughly assessed the legacy platform's current state.

Streamlining User and Dealer Workflows

Using tools like Miro, we meticulously mapped the user flow and experience to identify redundancies and unnecessary touchpoints. This process revealed that specific steps could be eliminated, while others were critical for engaging users. We emphasized the necessary steps and clearly defined the user actions to promote a better user experience. 

MojoTech conducted interviews with dealers and customers to understand user needs comprehensively. Armed with valuable insights, we streamlined the workflow for dealers by enabling them to access a single, unified platform instead of toggling between different sites. Additionally, we found that dealers did not need a product catalog displayed on their home page, which led us to prioritize and enhance other essential tools and frequently used features by making them easily accessible upon login. These features included quote generation, a customer messaging center, and administration tasks like invoicing.

MillerKnoll user workflow diagram.

Ensuring Brand Consistency and Development Alignment

As we moved into the design phase, we fully immersed ourselves in MillerKnoll’s brand guidelines and style taxonomy, closely working with the product design team to maintain brand consistency. Throughout the process, we meticulously planned the roadmap using wireframes, closely collaborating with the implementation team to align with their development release schedule.

MillerKnoll UI/UX branding guidelines for composable commerce store.

Building a seamless online experience for our B2B clients is a top priority for MillerKnoll, and MojoTech’s expertise in designing marketplaces for this audience made for a strong partnership. The MojoTech team quickly understood our priorities and worked alongside us to build meaningful and quick results on our timetable.

Kristen DeLap

Vice President, Digital Product and User Experience at MillerKnoll

The Outcome Accelerating Onboarding through Enhanced Customer and Dealer Experiences

MillerKnoll now has a modern, scalable, and user-friendly UI/UX design aligning with their business objectives and positioning them for future success. The result is a unified composable commerce platform that showcases a sleek and contemporary design, reflecting the sophistication and innovation of the brand. The new platform empowers MillerKnoll to serve their clients better, manage operations more effectively, streamline communications, and deliver an enhanced user experience that significantly reduces the time it takes to onboard new customers and dealers from months to a few days.

Enhanced composable commerce user interface.Updated composable commerce dealer interface.

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