MojoTech’s Development Process for Building Better Software

Our process is designed to maximize custom software's impact on your organization while reducing the ongoing costs of maintaining it.

Quickly Capitalize on Opportunities

Release Working Software Faster

Create Innovative Experiences

Modernize While Reducing Risk

Lower Total Cost of Development

Reduce Regressions & Defects

Ensure Security & Scalability

Simplify Infrastructure

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Our Process

Analysis & Prioritization

We guide you through exercises designed to surface your highest-value opportunities. Throughout our engagement, we will continually synthesize user feedback, analytics, and discoveries to define a roadmap of progressive enhancements to ensure we always deliver the highest-value solutions.

Product Management at MojoTech

Software Architecture & Engineering

We adhere to The Twelve-Factor App methodology and best practices for building cloud-native applications. Cloud-native software development services break away from the traditional monolithic software model and focus on creating applications that seamlessly scale by natively leveraging cloud environments.

Engineering at MojoTech

User-Centered Design

Our design process dives deeper into understanding your business, users, and the problems you are facing. Our designers work with engineers, PMs, and clients from ideation to implementation to ensure a successful outcome. With the user as our primary focus, we identify the intersection of desirable, feasible, and viable interfaces.

Design at MojoTech

Mojo Git Workflow

Our Git workflows allow us to collaborate internally and externally more efficiently. These patterns include specific branch naming paradigms, interactive rebasing, atomic commits, and clear commit messages, which results in less code, technical debt, and bugs.

MojoTech Git Workflow

Code Review

We conduct code reviews using our proprietary 4C method, which evaluates code using the super-categories of design (Form and Function) and communication (Objective and Subjective). All code is reviewed for quality assurance before release into production, ensuring a codebase that is secure, easier to debug, inexpensive to maintain, and which will scale with success.

The 4Cs: A Code Review Mnemonic

Automated Testing & Delivery

MojoTech creates automated tests that closely resemble actual user behaviors. These practical and accurate integration tests lead to fewer bugs and regressions and make testing more efficient and reliable. We identify, prioritize, and mitigate issues early, which ensures we are constantly working toward predictable and successful deliveries which can be deployed frequently and with total automation.

Cloud Native Development

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MojoTech’s developers and designers work together in the process of building better software.MojoTech's office with software developers at their workstation creating code.

Our 4Cs of Code Quality

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We use decades of combined experience across many clients, projects, and technologies to evaluate the correctness of the code we develop. We use a hyper-critical eye and perfectionist attitude to ensure your product’s code correctly performs to your specifications and our maintainability, security, and scalability standards.

Rocket ship launching for rapid and continuous delivery of software.


MojoTech consults with you to help define and refine your vision to ensure the scope of your custom software accomplishes everything it needs to and fits into your greater technology ecosystem. We close gaps in your digital strategy by identifying constraints imposed by legacy systems and opportunities to simplify your infrastructure without compromising functionality.

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The most elegant solutions are the ones that result in the least amount of code. We write concise code while working on large and complex systems lowering your technical debt and allowing for more efficient deployment environments and easier upgrades and improvements.

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Good code clearly communicates its function and intent to humans. We develop code with clarity from the top-down (logical sequencing, coherent units of thoughts, familiar structures) and bottom-up (precise use of the language’s libraries, functions, and syntax) to ensure it is universally understood and more straightforward for internal teams to pick up and maintain.

MojoTech's Enabling Philosophy

  • Transparency

    Our clients are encouraged to attend and participate in daily stand-ups, sprints, and retros. This dynamic fosters true partnerships over a more siloed client-vendor relationship and increases collaboration and creativity. It also ensures iterative evaluation and review as we continuously deliver working software.

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  • Trust

    All good teams are built on a foundation of trust. We foster this trust by being transparent and open with one another. This creates a safe environment to raise concerns and objections early on, leading to better solutions and avoiding hidden problems that are more difficult to address.

  • Focus

    Our team comprises full-time employees dedicated to a single client and project at a time. It empowers designers and engineers to fully realize our client’s vision and take pride in their work. It avoids wasteful context switching and burn-out associated with multiple projects.

    Our Team
  • Expertise

    Mojos are lifelong learners who constantly expand their knowledge and hone their craft. We dedicate time for our engineers, designers, and product managers to contribute to open source, write thought pieces, read, experiment, and share knowledge used to enrich our clients’ projects.

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