We’ve mastered building the right product, while building the product right.

Our Product Managers help our clients define and refine their vision and gain insights into our process and progress. They synthesize user feedback, analytics, assumptions, and new discoveries to define features and experiences that address our clients’ highest priority opportunities.

Product Management


We immerse ourselves in our client’s business, absorbing the fundamental factors behind a product’s vision. This gets everyone up to speed on the people, process, and technology that will be used to bring the product to life.


Visioning, users/roles, challenges, goals, success markers


User interviews, risk assessment, prototyping, constraints


User flows, road mapping, tech stack, design principles


Sprint Zero, feature epics, milestones, resourcing


We follow an agile process framework called Scrum—building and deploying working software in two-week increments (Sprints). This disciplined process allows us to sustainably deliver quality software at a predictable velocity.

  • Backlog Grooming

  • Sprint Planning

  • Estimation

  • Development

  • Daily Standup

  • Testing & QA

  • Deployment

  • Sprint Retrospective

A critical part of regular sprint planning is prioritizing new feature requests. We ask questions, challenge assumptions, and encourage prioritization based on factors such as value to the business, user needs, cost of implementation, and timeline/resource constraints.

We go through this prioritization exercise a LOT because building a great product is an ongoing, dynamic experience, and we’re not afraid of changing requirements or new ideas.

We know that with a great framework for prioritization, we’ll ultimately build a successful product, in the most efficient way.

Radical Transparency

Our Product Managers have an array of tools at their disposal to ensure complete visibility into projects at any given point in time. Here are a few of our favorites:

MojoTech’s sharpest tool set, however, is not manifested in a piece of workflow software. The hallmark of every successful project at MojoTech is collaboration. Building great software is hard and requires engaged and informed teammates. A project is complete when it starts working for you, rather than you working for it.


We pride ourselves on our ability to transition product development back to clients gracefully and purposefully. We can onboard client resources at any time during a project, gradually increasing client resources, and decreasing our own. This can include helping clients identify quality candidates and training them. The conveyance of our development practices to our clients’ internal teams allows us to deliver value long after our time on the project ends. We take this stewardship of products very seriously, and we do it well.

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three equidistant photos of MojoTech staff. The first is of Allison programming on a laptop. The second of Chris and Seth reviewing code. The thrid of of Mojos on a ski lift.