Digital Product Development Services

We’ve mastered building the right product while building the product right.

Product Development & Innovation

Quickly capitalize on opportunities with a strategic approach to finding the perfect balance between possibilities and limitations to develop the right product the right way.

Product Architecture

Leverage the immense power of cloud-native architectures and emerging technologies to evolve faster, scale easier, and unlock substantial value.

Product Quality Assurance

Exceed user expectations by consistently delivering high-quality products through proactive issue resolution, agile methodologies, user stories, and release strategies.

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Digital Product Management

Our Product Managers help refine your vision by synthesizing user feedback, analytics, assumptions, and discoveries to define features and experiences that address your highest-priority opportunities.

Venn diagram of MojoTech's product managers developing the right product the right way.

Product Discovery & Prioritization

We fully immerse ourselves in your business to understand its core elements, processes, and technology to develop an actionable software solution that solves critical user problems and provides value to your organization plus its stakeholders.


Visioning, Users Roles, Challenges, Goals, Success Markers


User Flows, Road Mapping, Tech Stack, Design Principles


User Interviews, Risk Assessment, Prototyping, Constraints


Sprint Zero, Feature Epics, Milestones, Resourcing

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Product Design & User Experience

Our design process centers on comprehending your business, the product users, and the challenges they encounter. We prioritize the user experience and develop the information architecture, flow maps, wireframes, and prototypes to determine a feasible, desirable, and viable solution.

UI/UX/CX & Internationalization

Visual & Interaction Design, Wireframing, Style Guides, Accessibility

Workflow Design

Optimized User Experiences, Key Interactions, Information Architecture

Rapid Prototyping

Interactive Prototypes, InVision / Figma, Front-end Development

Data Visualization

Custom Charts, Interactive Visualizations, Dashboards

Venn diagram of MojoTech's product design services that aim for viable, feasible, and desirable solutions.

Agile Product Engineering

Our Product Managers use an agile process to quickly deploy quality software early and often to users, maximizing your ROI and reducing risk with honest user feedback. We use the feedback to ask the appropriate questions, challenge assumptions, and encourage prioritization based on factors such as value to your business, user needs, cost of implementation, and resource constraints.

  • Backlog Grooming

  • Sprint Planning

  • Estimation

  • Development

  • Daily Standup

  • Testing & QA

  • Deployment

  • Sprint Retrospective

Analytics & Feedback

Having an opinion and vision for where to take a product is essential. Augmenting that vision with empirical evidence and actual user feedback is equally important. We use various methods to analyze user behavior, including surveys, interviews, and usability tests, to prevent incorrect assumptions and missed opportunities.

MojoTech's product development feedback loop.

Transition & Handoff

We prioritize a smooth and seamless transition of product development to your organization, providing flexibility to onboard your internal team at any time during the project. We gradually transfer resources while assisting with candidate identification and training to ensure project continuity. We aim to convey our development practices to your team to provide value beyond project completion.

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