Planning for success

As product managers, our best days at MojoTech are when our clients hit a new milestone.

Whether it’s signing their first customer beta, closing a new round of funding, or hearing their customer raved about a new feature, we feel a wave of pride and accomplishment right alongside them. It’s this feeling that we keep in the back of our minds every day as we work side-by-side with our clients on a shared mission.

Empowering client success

We build products that are not just beautiful and functional, but successful.

We want users to love the products we build. We want product releases to hit the market at the perfect time. We want our clients to be able to maintain and support their products long after MojoTech is no longer involved. When we deliver the final handoff we want our clients to feel confident that there is nothing more that could have been done to help ensure the success of their product.

Our team of experienced product managers is uniquely suited to do just that. Having lead countless projects across diverse verticals we have a talent for learning new industries, understanding user motivations, and guiding development efforts. At the start of every project we immerse ourselves in our client’s business; absorbing the fundamental driving factors behind the product vision in our Product Discovery process.

From there we apply our expertise in building new products to provide recommendations on feature sets and sequencing of product releases. During development, we are the lifeline to what is going on behind the scenes; keeping everyone informed of trade-offs so that they can make well-informed decisions on how to move forward.

Throughout the entire journey, we work to ensure the client is in control and the product vision is clear. Our clients are the visionaries and we’re the guides to achieving that vision. In order to do so we follow a few key principles along the way:

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Focus on your users

Only when your product meets your user’s needs, can it help you meet yours.

We work to deeply understand users, including how they think, what they want, what they don’t want, and how we can most effectively build something that they’ll love.

To discover and clearly articulate user needs we are constantly working with clients to review analytics and interview potential customers. Through data and discussions, we answer the important things: What user needs are we meeting? How do we know that need is valid? How do we know if we’ve answered that need?

These are just a few of the fundamental questions we continuously ask throughout a project to ensure we are focused on the users and what drives them. When we understand users we can build products they love.

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At the same time, we understand and acknowledge that in any complex software project, bugs and defects do appear, especially as you iterate. We’re not afraid to face these defects head-on and ensure that our software is always becoming better.

Prioritize—and then priotize again

Building the right thing is the most important thing.

In this day and age, “we’re an agile shop” is something you hear from almost every product development organization. At MojoTech we understand that agile is more than just developing in sprints. Agile is about being flexible and reactive; about setting a vision and discovering the best path to reach that vision as you go. In order to run an agile process effectively, you have to be really good at prioritizing; and we are.

As part of weekly sprint plannings our product managers work with our clients to prioritize new feature requests. We ask questions, challenge assumptions and encourage prioritization based on factors such as value to the business, user needs, cost of implementation and timeline/resource constraints.

We go through this prioritization exercise a LOT, because we understand that building a great product is an on-going, dynamic experience. We’re not afraid of changing requirements or new ideas. We know that with a great framework for prioritization, we’ll ultimately build a successful product, in the most efficient way.

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Being passionate about what we do means we put our heart into it. We come with some strong opinions, but being professional and practical means that our passion motivates us. It never distracts from what we want most - a successful outcome for your product.


You’re an expert on your business. We’re experts on building extraordinary products.

Collaboration is at the core of how we operate. MojoTech’s product managers are experts at building new products; clients are experts when it comes to their business. Exceptional products emerge when the execution matches the business goals. From experience, we know this happens when both sides are in close collaboration.

To foster collaboration, we keep clients involved in every aspect of the process. We discuss user needs and brainstorm solutions at product meetings, decide together on detailed specifics of features at backlogs groomings and keep everyone apprised of progress at daily standups.

In all of these meetings, we encourage discussion, brainstorming, and productive debate. We challenge our clients to think bigger and expect the same in return. Together we can take good ideas and turn them into a great products.

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While process is an important enabler of our goals, it's never the goal in itself. And while we’re proud that our process helps us build the best software for our clients, we’re also proud that our process is always improving. We know that the best software engineering process is the one that's flexible enough to keep getting better.

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