Nova Farms Case Study

Product Development Enables Cannabis Dispensary to Scale into New Territories

Nova Farms composable commerce storefront on top of cannabis background.

The Opportunity Track and Process Wholesale Orders More Efficiently by Digitizing Workflows

Nova Farms is an integrated grower, manufacturer, distributor, and retail dispensary dedicated to making cannabis accessible to everyone. They believe adult-use cannabis is a right and should be readily available. They strive to cultivate better lives, one plant at a time.

Nova Farms needed a more scalable and reliable system to streamline their operations in Massachusetts and Maine and have an infrastructure allowing them to expand to other states, including Connecticut, Rhode Island, New York, and New Jersey.

Their processes relied heavily on spreadsheets, calendars, emails, and human intervention to ensure the correct allocation and delivery of products. They required a wholesale e-commerce and order management platform to make it easier to place, track, and process orders and manage inventory through one integrated back-end system.

Nova Farms e-commerce site user interface collage.

Our Response Development of a Fully-Integrated Composable Commerce Order Management System

To create the perfect solution, MojoTech navigated the unique regulations inherent to the cannabis industry. For example, although an e-commerce solution is needed, transactions are not completed online. Retailers provide orders to Nova Farms, and the product is delivered or available for pick up, and they are invoiced. Additionally, seed-to-sale data and records must be separated state by state to show compliance with local laws and regulations.

Nova Farm’s systems were all stand-alone, and a holistic foundation was necessary to increase efficiency. MojoTech led the discovery, identified user journeys, prioritized features, planned the product roadmap, and architected the infrastructure that would allow them to scale and deploy into targeted states. Our engineers mapped the data flows between applications and tied them to the back-end system of record to maintain compliance.

For the frontend, MojoTech needed to carefully consider Nova Farms’ visual identity as they spent a lot of time cultivating their image. Their corporate brand, plus those of their partners, was of paramount importance and needed to be represented appropriately. MojoTech acknowledged this when customizing their Solidus e-commerce storefront to design and implement a clean, intuitive user interface and experience on their site.

The results have been amazing! We can't thank MojoTech enough for their hard work streamlining our wholesale ordering process while enhancing the Nova Farms user experience and brand. It would not have gone this well if we had done this with any other team.

Blair Fish

COO, Nova Farms

Nova Farms e-commerce UI/UX on mobile devices.

The Outcome Holistic System Saves Time Managing Inventory and Processing Customer Orders

MojoTech designed and developed a holistically integrated composable commerce architecture . Nova Farms is well poised to expand to other states and save time managing inventory and processing customer orders. In addition, MojoTech has helped them extend and promote their brand directly to B2B customers.

With the launch of their wholesale platform complete, the next phase of our partnership will involve integrations with Dynamics ERP and Metrc cannabis regulatory software, plus additional feature development.

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