Composable Commerce Solutions for Highly Agile Retail Platforms

By harnessing the power of composable commerce architectures, MojoTech provides innovative brands with the agility to quickly adapt to changing consumer demands and shifting market trends. We build high-performing, interoperable e-commerce websites and applications that drive customer engagement and transactions by breaking down rigid monolithic platforms into smaller, independent, and flexible components.

Deliver Customer-first Experiences with Composable Commerce

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Adapt to the Speed of Retail

Add, remove, or modify front-end components without overhauling your existing systems of record or legacy platforms. Stay ahead of your competition and swiftly respond to changing market conditions, customer needs, and technological advancements.

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Increase Customer Loyalty

Create highly customized e-commerce experiences to differentiate yourself in the marketplace and provide a more personalized shopping experience that improves customer satisfaction and retention.

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Effortlessly Scale with Demand

Handle high traffic volumes and sudden spikes in demand without worrying about infrastructure limitations. Quickly scale your e-commerce platform as needed without investing in costly, reactionary initiatives.

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Streamline Retail Operations

Build a completely interoperable e-commerce platform with various technologies and systems without depending on any vendor. Integrate your e-commerce platform with any third-party application to streamline operations and improve customer experience.

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We Build Flexible & Composable E‑commerce Applications

Microservices Development

MojoTech assists in breaking down your platform and implementing modular components for specific functions. We ensure each function or microservice is developed, tested, and deployed independently, making it easier to customize your e-commerce platform and integrate new components as you scale.

API-first Integrations

Our team delivers highly integrated and flexible e-commerce solutions by taking an API-first approach to each component of your platform. MojoTech develops secure and reliable connections between interfaces, applications, and third-party apps to create high-performing, data-driven e-commerce experiences.

Cloud Migration & Application Modernization

We migrate you away from traditional on-premise or co-lo applications by modernizing your infrastructure through re-factoring, re-platforming, and re-architecting services that will allow you to leverage cloud environments to deploy faster, scale easier, and fail less frequently.

Headless Commerce

MojoTech creates dynamic and interactive frontends decoupled from powerful backend functionalities. We create seamless omnichannel experiences while boosting page speed, performance, and core web vitals to align with customer expectations and improve search engine optimization.

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