TeleMedicine Software Development

Video conferencing, remote patient monitoring, mHealth and other advances enabled by broadband Internet, mobile devices and Electronic Medical Records have long promised a revolution in healthcare access and how healthcare providers deliver service. Recent events have greatly accelerated the demand for robust telemedicine platforms and MojoTech is a development company at the forefront of building scalable, secure, HIPPA compliant, custom telehealth applications to improve patient care for the healthcare industry.

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TeleMedicine Solutions demand Serious Software Development

MojoTech is founded and run by software engineers focused on delivering world class web and mobile development services, elegant and efficient user experiences, and digital product expertise. TeleMedicine and TeleHealth platforms are mission critical and require deep expertise in data security, scaling automation, integration with legacy systems, and cross-platform device support - all of which have been fostered over our 13 year history.

At MojoTech, we value building the simplest system that works well to start, and then iteratively improving from that solid foundation. We also empower our teams to take innovative approaches to solving hard problems. We are product people and our shared goal is to realize a client’s product vision. As a true consulting partner, our proven development process continues to deliver value for healthcare industry clients well beyond the length of our engagement.


We helped this Fortune 50 health care insurer improve outcomes in accountable care.


Telehealth isn't just for people. We worked with this leading tele-veterinary startup to help them keep up with demand.

TeleMedicine, Data Security, HIPAA and the EHR

As a healthcare development services company, MojoTech understands the importance of meeting and exceeding all of the health data security, personal data privacy, and quality standards in the healthcare industry. We have extensive experience integrating with leading EHR/EMR systems under a BAA for each client/deployment. From the nation’s largest payer, to hospital systems and startups alike, we are well suited to deliver deep integrations with health records and operations systems that maintain or improve workflows, ensure privacy and security, and deliver the efficiencies promised by telehealth solutions. MojoTech works with all major cloud hosting providers and is highly skilled in delivering SSAE 16 SOC 2, PCI, HIPAA and HITECH-compliant systems at scale.

Gavin Rutherford (Product Manager) leads a User Journey workshop on-site with a client.

TeleMedicine App Development and UX Design

mHealth, remote patient monitoring, IoT and e-prescription solutions are on the rise, but the user experience in healthcare services has lagged behind in its maturation. Android and iOS users have high expectations when it comes to simplicity, usability, and automation of mobile apps. MojoTech’s rigorous focus on the intersection of human factors, technology, and business goals leads to successful outcomes in mobile applications and ultimately for providers and patients. Our fully in-house team of UX experts and native mobile developers have designed and launched hundreds of successful projects in mission critical industries like healthcare, financial services, and logistics.

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TeleHealth Software, Video Consultation and Scaling

High bandwidth applications require a backend architecture that is flexible, scalable and easy to deploy, manage, and monitor. MojoTech has been engineering highly available, fault tolerant systems for more than a decade and are leaders in cloud-native architecture. By leveraging microservices, containerization, continuous delivery and dynamic orchestration, we can architect a system that proactively responds to surges in usage related to upticks in video calls and consultation, screen sharing, marketing campaigns, changes in client usage patterns and other exigencies. As partners with cloud platform providers like AWS, MojoTech is able to quickly leverage new technologies, patterns, and frameworks like WebRTC, AWS Lambda, Cloud CDN, and AppSync among others.