First of Its Kind Boating Slip Marketplace Makes Waves by Simplifying Booking Workflows


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The Opportunity Revolutionizing Docking Experiences for Boaters and Marinas with Marketplace Product Development

Dockwa is a mobile and web-based application that offers boaters and marina operators a convenient and streamlined solution for booking and coordinating docking arrangements. Its intuitive interface allows users to search for available slips at an extensive network of participating marinas across the United States, Canada, the Caribbean, and other international locations, based on their boat specifications and date.

A significant pain point for boaters is the anticipated wait time and the number of touchpoints with a marina before a reservation can be booked or confirmed. Traditionally, boaters would have to call around to several marinas in an area and wait for a call-back, hoping that at least one marina could reserve a space fitting the boat’s dimensions. Furthermore, on the day of the reservation, boaters had to radio when they were on their way into the marina to confirm they still had a spot.

Dockwa had the opportunity to be the only service to offer a unified platform that expedited the booking process for boaters and marinas. The app needed to do all the leg work by minimizing touch points, easily exploring nearby marinas, publishing and requesting a slip or mooring, and providing confirmation in real-time.

Our Response Understanding Marina’s Pain Points to Build a Comprehensive Reservation Management Solution

As we set out to build the fundamental infrastructure for the app, we sought advice directly from the source. Our team eagerly engaged with numerous dockmasters in the area, and their insights proved invaluable. Through open discussions, probing questions, and rigorous testing of our assumptions, we discovered that a one-size-fits-all solution wouldn’t suffice for every marina’s diverse needs and requirements.

With a clear understanding of the hurdles marinas faced, we dedicated our efforts to developing a comprehensive digital solution that streamlined their operations, digitally transforming how they managed customer data and reservations. By empowering marinas with cutting-edge technology, Dockwa aimed to enhance their marketability and customer satisfaction, paving the way for a future where boaters and marinas could thrive in harmony on a unified platform.

We faced the challenge of creating a system that allowed reservations to flow in and be vetted without confining marinas to a rigid framework. The product had to accommodate various use cases while delivering a flawless user experience that prioritized simplicity and minimized touchpoints and transactions.


Building the Product Right

As a fully realized product, Dockwa would be a mobile reservation management app for iOS and Android. A Ruby on Rails web application on the back end would allow marinas to track incoming reservations against their available inventory and communicate with boaters seamlessly. Our design team focused on information design (wires for both desktop and mobile) and relied on native iOS components to push forward, while Dockwa’s internal team managed style guides and the design elements for implementation.


Building the Right Product

With the summer boating season quickly approaching in 5 months, we took a pragmatic approach to feature development, prioritizing the core functionality of managing and placing reservations. While thinking big and being ambitious is an integral part of our work, we recognized the need to be strategic in delivering the features crucial to the product’s success. By focusing on the main value proposition of Dockwa, we ensured that the platform fulfilled its primary purpose while leaving room for future iterations.

Marina Search and Booking

Users can search for marinas based on their preferred destination and view details such as amenities, services, and availability. They can book available slips directly within the app, eliminating the need for phone calls or emails.

Reservation Management

Once a reservation is made, users can manage their bookings through the app. They can modify reservation details, view payment information, and access marina-specific policies and rules.


Dockwa facilitates communication between boaters and marina operators. Users can send messages to marinas regarding their reservations, special requests, or general inquiries, ensuring a smooth and efficient exchange of information.

Results Dockwa’s Journey to Marine Industry Dominance

As Dockwa geared up for its highly anticipated launch at Figawi Race Weekend in Nantucket, the internal team experienced tremendous growth. MojoTech worked hand in hand with Dockwa, ensuring a seamless transition and providing invaluable support.

The mantra "tap, book, dock" quickly became synonymous with Dockwa’s user-friendly approach, propelling their success to new heights. Within a month of launching, Dockwa made a strategic move by merging with competitor DockHop and acquiring, the world’s leading searchable marina directory. With an impressive presence spanning over 30 countries, boasting 15,000 marinas, and a dedicated community of 100,000+ boaters, Dockwa’s relentless expansion is reshaping the marine industry landscape.