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Nov 12 2013


While numbers on their own have little meaning, there are those figures that we’ve elevated in our minds as special.

Everybody remembers their first love. Their 21st birthday.

At MojoTech, we look back fondly on signing our third client; it was then that we realized that our little project could actually become a real business!

And as we hit another huge milestone, our 100th product launch, I can’t help but reflect on these last 100 projects and the road that led here.

From a service standpoint, our 100th launch—PINCHme.com—isn’t any different than our 99th was, or 101st will be. Though we’ve improved on a number of processes and workflows in the last five years, our team still approaches each project with the same fearlessness and excitement that we’ve had since the start. And I’m very proud of that.

But still, the number 100 stands out to me.

It’s a perfect score.

A frightening fast ball.

A wicked hot day.

A record-setting game for Wilt.

A pretty epic bike ride.

To me, it’s an extension of what I felt when we got that third client: validation.

Validation that our hard work truly creates value for our clients. That our work has generated enough demand to give us 100 opportunities to help other companies grow.

It’s both exciting and humbling.

We’ve learned a lot in these last 100 launches, much of which I’ll be sharing on this blog in the coming weeks. Stay tuned.

With our 101st launch right around the corner, there’s not a whole lot of time for reflection, but it’s important to pause for a moment and be grateful.

Every member of the MojoTech team, every past and present client, every vendor, every friend of our company: you’ve all helped us tremendously in getting here. Thank you!

—Nick (@kishfy)

Nick Kishfy